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  1. Hi all, Thanks to Gradius and all the help provided here - "Another One fights the Dust". Documenting my struggle through the day to get the Hyper Terminal, Error message or the F3 T>. Tx Rx switching was very well documented so First thing attemped. Reading and rereading most pages helped solve the Problems of plug and pray Hyperterminal response, which were finally due to : a) incorrect Sata Power Cable to Hard Disk Drive. Had no idea of the special orange 3.3V issue in bringing up a terminal. Soln) Used an External USB HDD Enclosure for power as my Desktop SMPS has NO sata power cable, even though it is just six months old and has 4 sata peripherals. After nearly six hours got my first sighting of LED:000000CC... BSY Error. B) Another hour and still no terminal. Soln) Reconnected the setup to my laptop and started Hyperterminal. Instant Terminal response from HD and rest was cool 2 minutes. Note: My Desktop is fully and perfectly functional with constant development for embedded systems happening where Hyperterminal and root Console is the first step. Reason for above: Still cannot fathom, but DON't give up and do try on another machine if available. Maybe this would help somebody as I had nearly given up thinking that maybe my HD had more to it than the BSY error. But these 2 simple steps.... Guess the 3.3V orange wire deserves a mention in the main post (@GRADIUS) and we can try and make a faq of these weird solutions lots of people have discovered and mentioned here in this mammoth and helpful forum. Another useful piece of information if it helps as there is a lot of doubt on the serial adaptor. Used a cheap Chinese USB to Nokia adapter cable which was lying at home. Most of these have a PL2303(PL2303HX) ic inside. Checked the PL2303 datasheet which has Pin 1 as Tx ( to connect to Rx of HDD), Pin 5 as Rx (to connect to Tx of HDD) and Pin 7 as Gnd for RS232 communications TTL 3.3V. Rest don't care. Unsoldered the Nokia pop port from the black box in this adapter. Found a flat connecting header from old CPU cabinet - ones from the front panel. Soldered it to the adapter after tracing the Pins of PL2303 using a multimeter. Filed the header connector to make it thin enough to enter the HDD serial connection socket and connected this cable with USB side to PC and header side to HDD serial. Thanks again rkan63