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  1. thankx 4 keeping assisting laptonic but ahmed faced the same problem and i think he have the clear soliution for this problem and i think jacles too have some soliution i hope they help me they might resolve my problem at all dear laptonic thx very much for helping me as much as u can i abreciate so
  2. dear laptonic disk management shows the recovery partition ( not healthy ) that mean i cant change the letter of the prtition or see its proprteis but i didnot mess with my recovery partition before and i didnot delete any files from it i just installed partition magic then it made my recovery partition un availble so could u help with this info feel free if u couldnot thx again for ur assisting
  3. thankx laptonic for help but iam sorry i didnot understand ur method if u would help tell me steps to do cuz iam not very proffesional at computer like u so just tell me clear steps 1 . 2. 3. to follow it and do u have any idea about jaclaz method is it workaround thx
  4. hello i have exactly the same ahmed's problem when i installed the partition magic , now i want 1 of 2 things my recovery partition come back and be working. or creat recovery disk for my notebook. i have read all of most important posts in this topic, and iam really confused cuz i dont know which way i should choose and i dont know how MBR is work and dont know from wher i can get it and the same for hdhacker i think i found an easy soliution posted by jaclaz #106 , so mr jaclaz would this soliution work with me ? if i download the mbldr.exe and followed the steps which u shared will it work with me ? or download the hdhacker and poste the ahmed's second friend code on the hdhacker , will that work with me ?? notice : i dont know from wher i can download hdhacker and also dont know ahmed freinds code SO PLZ AHMED AND JACLAZ SOME ONE TELL ME WUT DO I DO AND HELP ME WITH DOWNLOAD LINKS AND REQUIRED CODES CLEARLY notice: my notebook is HP Pavilion dv6-1205ee - windows vista home premium 32bit - my hard disk is 320 gb plz help me i know that u offers many solutions before but iam really dont know which one i choose and how i can do it, so plz clear for me the soliution way thats my email if some one would help me live : (meshmesh_cika@hotmail.com) plz guys hurry cuz my system is hanging up and i think it willnot work soon sorry for disturbing MesHMesH BeiK

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