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  1. Personaly I use Firefox + wfx_versions If set up properly it can keep You up to date faster then any software portal can provide ...OK it only supports check on demand And it supports many update channels (rss, www page, xml, ftp, changelog in some text file, basically whatever Firefox can load).
  2. where is this "updated unofficial"?
  3. Unfortunately, this will work only for English ver of Windows.For example, in Polish it's gonna be: Overall, it's a very good guide... I love simple winrar/7z simple installers, but uninstall always seem to be a problem here...
  4. Maybe it's because some 3rd party sites linking directly to files... NVM, it's going back now....
  5. Yeah, Micro would be a good idea... but (IMHO) - don't add Nero imagedrive - You could remove support for 9X files in micro and save space, I don't think there are that many 9X/ME systems, and they already have Nero Lite...
  6. tempuser - what about MSI like option 4 but with Nero Tools?
  7. I'm searching for a program that works somhow like StartX but I can specify a filename with wildcard characters (like "someapp_install_ver*.exe"). Something like this probably can be done using batch commands + normal StartX but since I disabled creation of 8.3 filenames in NTFS most of this tricks just don't work correctly. * regular expressions (regex) instead of wildcards would be even better of course

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