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  1. @Nuhi It would be nice when you would integrate the possibility to catch proggies which are packed as sfx-addons ! You know what I mean ? Regards P.S. Looking forward for your new proggie for 7/8.1 !
  2. Hi Nuhi, but is it clever to invest your great know how to XP, when the support is stopped in April 2014 ? Many people here in the forum are still waiting for a tool like nlite/vlite for win7/8 ! Because all the other tools like 7lite, 7customizer oder 7toolkit are not operating very well. And some of them are no longer developed further. Regards
  3. Oooooh, the proggie isn't dead how I thought until now ! Alittle bit it is still alive!! congratulations Blue !! This was the last "update" ?
  4. Unfortunately Blue has updated the less important tool. It seems really that he is not working any more for the 7customizer. Since 5 month there has not been any update. I don't believe that there will come any good news.
  5. HI Blue hast the alpha3 Version released. But it is more important to release the new version of 7 customizer !
  6. @Blue Where are you ? You said that the tool is still alive but you do nothing more for the development. You have not been here since about 6 weeks. Because of that the same question : Is the tool dead ?
  7. Hi Blue, nice to read this message from you. Of course it's o.k. when you have been very busy at work. But a little statement from you like this helps us to wait for the new version. I'm looking forward for the new version (only fixes or also new tweaks ?). Regards
  8. @moonchild I am not your opinion: the component removal of 7Toolkit works very well. Perhaps you have used an old version of this proggie. Meanwhile it is no more "Beta" ! 7customizer is running very fine, but it is a very small proggie and Blue has no more time and "drive" to continue the development. And component removal is very small !
  9. @TheWalrus I talk about it, because the 7customizer is no more development visible. And I cann't wait until it is ready. then will be Windows 8 released. The break is taking too long time. It is the same with RockersTeam 7lite: since December 2010 no bugfixes and the new version is annouznced since 3 month and nothing happens. Only legolash2o is developing forward.
  10. @moonchild the best proggie for customizing Win7 is the the 7Toolkit from Legolash2o from the Wincert-Forum! See here:http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/forum/179-windows-7-toolkit/ Nearly every Day updates und Legolash is developing very quickly. The 7 Toolkit is a very mighty tool, close to vlite from Nuhi.
  11. @ Blue Is the Proggie dead ? You have not been here since nearly 2 months. I know realy life first and then the Proggie.A little statement would be useful Regards
  12. Yes Blue, it's better you will concentrate your development on Win7, because Vista is not the best operating system of MS. It's not good going back to the past. Regards
  13. I've done the same procedure again with modified drivers, but again the AMD mobile x64 will not be achieved. Here is my second log.zip When will you ad more proggies to be removed ? Regards log.zip
  14. Hi Blue I've tested the new Version and it looks very good ! Only my AMD mobile Grafic card drivers were not installed. All other things run very well. Here is my log-file.zip Go on, Blue !!! log.zip
  15. Hi, on Twitter Blue announced the new version for the next weekend: "Did another test. The 1st was win7 x86 the 2nd was x64. Both of them were successful. vor ungefähr 2 Stunden via web Did a test of component removal and it is working fine.Expect 0.5 to be released this weekend and maybe a test build of the secret project vor ungefähr 12 Stunden via web " These are very good news !!

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