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  1. i have changed all the images in my DVD sources files, install.wim files and boot.wim files. I could manage to change the setup screen after the setup restarts after expanding the files , but before that, i have the same default screen. I changed the following files: spwizimg.dll in DVD sources folder spwizimg.dll in mounted Install.wim ooberesource.dll in mounted install.wim WINPE.bmp in mounted Boot.wim spwizimg.dll in mounted Boot.wim so is there any other file which needs to be changed to get my own setup background ???
  2. Problem solved..... I think i was using Windows Vista (simple) INSTALLWIM with Vista SP1 files...so again i slipstreamed SP1 to my vista, modified SP1 install.wim and vlited again, and guess what...every thing worked fine.. Thanx to Nuhi and Vlite
  3. I removed the followind components from Windows Vista ultimate SP1... Accessories Accessibility Games > Premium inbox Games Mobility centre Snipping tool Speech support Welcome centre Word pad Drivers Diva server Modems Printers QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter Scanners Storage controller TV Tuners Hardware Support Floppy Disk Support Infrared support Smart cards TV tuner support Windows hot start Xbox 360 controller Languages ALL Multimedia Intel indeo Media centre Music and video samples Sample pictures Screen savers Slide show Network Connect to a network projector RIR Listener Telnet client Telnet server TFTP client Windows collaboration Windows Mail Services Distributed link tracking client DNS client Error reporting Offline files Remote registry Secondary logon WebDAV (webclient) System 16-bit support Beep Bitlocker drive encryption Digital locker Disk defragmenter Disk quota Guided help Jet database engine Microsoft agent Natural language Parental control Performance counters Reliability and performance monitor Run a legacy CPL elevated Security centre Sync centre System restore Tablet PC UAC Windows backup Windows defender Windows easy transfer Zip folder Everything went fine but i can't make a new folder in Program files folder or install anything in my windows Drive...i just get only one option of making new folder in right click menu in Program Files but there i get an icon of security. And when i try to install anything, for example Winrar, i get the following error However i can install softwares in my other drives So anyone having the same problem as mine and got any solution??? Did i removed anything wrong? The list of removed components are listed above....Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys.....I modified install.wim (ultimate) and then added it to my DVD folder (sources). Then i mount it using Vlite and installed th windows. but after installation, nothing has been changed. The same default wallpapers, default user screens .Did i do something wrong ??? First of all i mounted the Ultimate version of my DVD using Vlite and saved i as ISO. I took out Install.wim from resources folder of that ISO and mountit using Gimagex Then unmounted install.wim, replace it with the original one in my DVD. Then i mount it to Vlite and made an ISO choosing Ultimate version. I did'nt make any other changes. But after installation, i got all the things same as default..
  5. Actually i have two questions regarding Windows Vista and Vlite because i dont see any of these options while vliting my Vista.. 1. How can i add custom OEM logo and OEM information in my Vista installation files (DVD) so that after installation, my logo and information will already be in System Properties ? 2. How can i add a custom theme and patch UXtheme files in my Vista installation files so that after installation, i would'nt have do it myself ? Thanks in advance...

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