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  1. Hi Bezalel, I would agree that the procedure is more complicated than need be there are a couple of reasons for this though: 1) Credentials are not embedded in the build because we have a policy.. no domain credentials are to be stored in plain text.. anywhere.. (I added provision for the script to have credentials embedded in it however, and this has been used when rebuilding large numbers of machines outside of hours.. kinda bending policy here..) 2) Management doesn't want to fork out for storage for roaming profiles.. (C'mon.. What the hell?!!!) 3) The script is designed to request cred
  2. I just thought I would document what I have done for a "one image to rule them all" build here - in case the information is useful to other people.. Outline of what this does: 1) Basic installation on any hardware platform (only NIC+Mass storage are included) 2) Detect machine type (desktop/laptop) and model (bios model) 3) "Fix" computer accounts in A/D (explained later on..) 4) Join domain, download drivers for model and install 5) Install software (configurable per machine) 6) Copies user profiles (if found for that computer) 7) Updates via WSUS/Windows update etc.. Why in gods name does it
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