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    Windows Updates

    KB976325 replace KB974455 However, when I try to slipstream KB976325 it still shows as needed when doing windows update. I did remove KB974455 before run HFSLIP so not sure what the problem is.
  2. Once you have it all down for the first time keeping it up to date doesnt take that long. However, when I first started with HFSLIP, I had to do like 7 test runs before I got all the updates to slip since the XP update page is out of date. That equates to about 4-5 hours to do that many runs to get everything worked out perfectly. For new users, it would be great if there was a tool that could take that 4-5hours out of the learning curve of HFSLIP. I will start working on the tool as well as trying to get another website that you can have some control over so we can keep things updated.
  3. Thats a really manual front end. Why update scripts and download files yourself? Seems like a huge waste of time when it can be automated by a really smart front end that would not change HFSLIP, it would just further automate the process. HFSLIP would be called after all the hotfixs, CAB files, IE files, and WMP files were selected by the GUI front end.
  4. TommyP, I checked out the extra's page but not sure what tool I need. All my slipstreams are with XP SP3, and the extra file removal addons for XP stop at SP2. The other 2 things listed on the site were for XPize and the HFSLIP answer file. Currently in my HFTOOLS I have bbie.exe, cWind.exe, modifyPE.exe, mkisofs.exe, cygwin1.dll, and boot.bin. Is there another tool I need to help get this WGA update to work? Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it!
  5. I thought it might be cool to add a new thread that people could make suggestions for new features/functionality that could be added to HFSLIP in the future. My idea is to automate the configuration and arranging of the needed update files, addons, and application installers. It would be cool if the program asked you what OS you were slipstreaming, then asked you to put in the disk, copied the source files for you, then gave you a list of updates that were available for that particular OS. The user then would be presented with a checklist that they could select the IE version, and all the updates they wanted to include. The program would then download the updates to the HF or HFCABS folder for the user and start the hfslip.cmd file to simplify the slipstreaming process considerably. The program could accomplish this by having a text file on the internet that listed the most current updates for each OS as well as their download link location on the MS website. The program could then download the updates from MS and place them in the HF or HFCABS folder as needed. While this sounds rather ambitious, I believe that it is possible. I would be willing to help write the Java code that could handle the network parts. I'm a bit rusty however on the UI part but I have made a few. This would make HFSLIP much more user friendly and eliminate the confusion around which updates were most current and what folder to put them in. I also think it would drastically increase the amount of people that use HFSLIP over other slipstreaming applications.
  6. It still doesn't slipstream the WGA update. I have been using beta s, but the 905474 update still doesn't slip. I tried using Xable's addon by placing it in the HFCABS folder, and it worked on Windows XP Home but not Windows XP Pro. Any ideas or suggestions on how to get this stupid WGA to integrate?
  7. I just tested it, no inf problem!!!!!!!
  8. And actually, if we modify the hfslip.cmd so that it uses folder number 998 instead of 999 it will avoid the Dell disk conflict entirely. This is too many lines of code to give you to update here, but if you do a search for the number 999 in the hfslip.cmd file and replace them with 998 it should do the trick. This could also be included in the next beta. Here is the edited cmd file that contain both of my fixes. hfslip_1.7.9_beta_t.zip
  9. I found the problem. It is not with the svcpack.in_ file it is with the txtsetup.sif file. Dell defines a custom folder in this line 999 = pchealth\helpctr\batch And those inf files are being copied there instead of c:\windows\hfslip which is supposed to be referenced by folder number 999 in this line HFSLP151.INF = 1,,,,,,,999,0,0 Therefore, I will edit this line: [WinntDirectories] 998 = HFSLIP Then just update all the inf entries to be like: HFSLP151.INF = 1,,,,,,,998,0,0 HFSLP152.INF = 1,,,,,,,998,0,0 etc.... I will test this out and let you know if it works. This is finally the answer though for the guy that started this forum a long time ago
  10. I would be more than happy to update Windows XP update list that makes it so there are 0 microsoft updates found as I have perfected this on my OS slipstream's.
  11. In my source folder I have a svcpack.in_ and a svcpack.dl_ but there is no svcpack folder. Should I remove the in_ and dl_ or just the in_ file?
  12. I will test that out and let you know what happens. In the mean time though I made a change to the host OS detection code so that it properly recognizes Windows XP x64 as Windows XP instead of unrecognized. This should make HFSLIP completely compatible with Windows XP Pro x64 edition as a host OS. I have made several boot disks from my x64 host computer and it works properly other than this inf issue which is probably related to my source files as they were modified by Dell. Here is the new host OS detection code, check it out and let me know if you are going to include it in a future release :: Find host OS - based on code posted by Yzöwl on MSFN.org SET HostOS=Unknown FOR /F "DELIMS=" %%I IN ('NET CONFIG WORK^|FIND /I " Windows "') DO ( ECHO %%I|FIND "2000">NUL 2>&1&&(SET HostOS=2000&GOTO :HOSD) ECHO %%I|FIND "2002">NUL 2>&1&&(SET HostOS=XP&GOTO :HOSD) ECHO %%I|FIND "XP">NUL 2>&1&&(SET HostOS=XP&GOTO :HOSD) ECHO %%I|FIND "2003">NUL 2>&1&&(SET HostOS=2003&GOTO :HOSD) ECHO %%I|FIND /I "Vista">NUL 2>&1&&(SET HostOS=Vista&GOTO :HOSD) ) It is this line of code that detects Windows XP x64 ECHO %%I|FIND "XP">NUL 2>&1&&(SET HostOS=XP&GOTO :HOSD) When you run NET CONFIG WORK from an XP x86 system it returns Windows 2002 When you run it from an XP x64 system it returns Microsoft Windows XP Here is the log file showing that my OS detection modification code worked properly. This was run on my Windows XP x64 system, and the host OS now shows XP instead of unrecognized. HFSLIP.zip
  13. I ran HFSLIP on a XP x86 computer and the inf file issue still persisted. The only thing I can think is maybe it is being caused because I used a Dell XP Pro SP3 disk as my source. I read on a different forum that recompiling the Dell OS disk might help and removing some files from it. Have you had this problem with Dell or other manufacturer OS disks before?
  14. I cleaned up my hotfixes and used beta s, but still had the inf copy problem. Will recompile it from a 32 bit machine instead as the next test. Here is my logfile for this last attempt. HFSLIP.zip
  15. MY host OS is Windows XP Pro x64 edition, that is why it says it unrecognized. Will XP Pro x64 work for this or should I use HFSLIP on a XP x86 machine? I will look into cleaning up my hotfixes as well.
  16. Here is the log file. The inf files that are not getting copied are all the hfs*.inf files that are supposed to be copied into c:\windows\hfslip directory. There are 77 inf files total. Names include: HFSLIPSD.INF, HFSLIPWU.INF, HFSLP151.inf - HFSLP156.inf, HFSLP200.inf - HFSLP267.inf, and HFSLPGUI.INF. Thank you for your help on this. I'm pretty new to slipstreaming but pretty script/programming savvy. I also have a few questions about some of the Windows hotfix updates that were put into the HF folder but were missing from the installed version. I'll start a different topic under probably Muppet's forum to see if he can help, probably just have an outdated update that is overwritting the more current update. HFSLIP.zip
  17. Ive tried recompiling the CD a few times and in all cases I was doing a clean install from a zeroed out HDD. Here is my txtsetup.sif file. Is there some sort of a script or batch file that we could make run at the end of textmode setup or at the beginning of WindowsPE that could do the copying? Anything that could make these inf files get copied before the T-13 point in Windows PE would do the trick. TXTSETUP.zip
  18. Here is a link to Firefox 3.5.4 silent installer. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=c158b16...04e75f6e8ebb871
  19. I was curious as to whether it would be possible to take a VBScript that sets the Power Options for a user account and integrate this into the Windows setup process by including the .vbs into the HFGUIRUNONCE folder. I read some of the forum posts that indicated the acceptable file types that could go in this folder but VBScript was not mentioned. I thought it might work since batch files work and the vbscript itself takes no parameters or outside arguments as inputs. Please let me know if anyone thinks this might be possible.
  20. I used the default values for the multiboot path. I burned the ISO image to a disk and installed it on a physical machine, no network installs or anything funky.
  21. For what it's worth, I am encountering the same issue. I did find a workaround for it though by opening a command prompt by hitting Shift+F10 and manually copying the files from the I386 directory on the CD to the C:\WINDOWS\HFSLIPS directory so that the installer finds the INF files and they get installed properly. Did a bit of digging into my TXTSETUP.SIF file and it is correctly formatted so that the files should have been copied in Textmode. My TXTSetup.sif was generated by the most current version of HFSLIP and everything else appears to work properly once I manually copy over the files. Would appreciate any help in automating this file copying.

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