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  1. Thank you, jaclaz! I have ordered the SATA power extension cable from Newegg now and am hoping it will be here by Wednesday. I feel confident that this is the last piece of the puzzle that I need. - MRA
  2. Thank you for the pictures, Twittwilly! That looks like it would definitely do the job. The Coolmax that I have does not have any cables, just the double SATA connection built into the enclosure that you have to push the drive onto. But I think I am going with the SATA power extension cable recommended by jaclaz from Newegg that no one that I've spoken to at stores believe exists. $2.99 is better than spending another $29.99 or so. Thanks! MRA
  3. jaclaz, I have the Coolmax power supply at http://www.coolmaxusa.com/productDetails.a...egory=converter and it DOES block the RX/TX connections with the corner of the square. I don't see how the one from Hong Kong on eBay could be any different. Twittwilly, I looked at the enclosure on Amazon and it looks just like the one I bought. I don't have time to take a picture and upload it to show what I am referring to right now, but I need to push the drive onto the SATA connections in the enclosure and when it is on all the way, there is no access to the RX/TX. I have an extra male to female SATA connection, but don't I also need to connect the SATA interface as well? If that's not needed, then I think I may have figured out my confusion. - MRA
  4. Twittwilly, to answer your questions from the 27th, I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB with the SD15 firmware. I purchased a Coolmax 3.5" SATA I/II HDD Aluminum External Enclosure, HD-381 Series, from my local PC store based on their recommendation that it would not cover the RX & TX pins on the drive, but to slide it onto the SATA connection, there is no way to access those pins. But I DO have an ON/OFF switch now! Now I just need to try to locate a SATA interface/power extension cord so I can power the drive without it being inside of the super tight enclosure. Do they even make those? Or is there a different enclosure that someone could recommend that doesn't cover the RX/TX? Thanks! MRA
  5. Merde! The power supply connects to the hard drive just fine, but the all-in-one block covers up the RX and TX pins on the drive, so I can't use it. I guess I'm going to have to order the power supply online and wait for it. At http://www.mapleleafmountain.com/seagatebrick.html, #7 and #8 cause me to rethink doing this. He is also covering up the motor contacts instead of the head contacts as is shown at http://sites.google.com/site/seagatefix/. I'm going to go with the hard drive enclosure idea tomorrow and see if I can get that at my local PC store. If I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB ST35000320AS, is that a 3.5" or 2.5" SATA? I'm pretty sure it's 3.5", but I've never heard of a 2.5" before. Regarding the CR2032 battery thing, I'm starting to fear using that now because they say that the voltage needs to be the same as what is powering the hard drive and that you need to connect the RS232 shifter's ground to the hard drive ground. But the ground and VCC holes on the shifter are already taken up by the battery loop and are soldered in. Would I have to solder onto the ground on the shifter a second time to get it to the hard drive ground? Good lord... Thanks! MRA
  6. Alright, sorry... 105 pages vs. 130 pages, I couldn't see the number of pages when I was in the middle of typing my post and was trying to go by memory. Thank you for your reply, Twittwilly. I can understand you getting frustrated by having to reply to the same questions over and over, but 105 pages is still a ton of stuff to read to find the nuggets of wisdom that could easily have been added or modified in the original post as new information was learned. I've looked over all of the webpages that you and jaclaz suggested over the last few weeks, but I was confused because of the differences in order of commands typed into Hyperterminal and lack of information containing a CR2032 battery. I ended up going to a local computer store and bought a CoolMax All-in-One Multifunctional Converter that has exactly what you suggested, with an AC power cord and power supply for SATA and IDE with an on/off switch. That makes so much more sense to me now. Now that I have all of the parts needed, I will check the other websites to ensure that I have the full picture before I begin this procedure. Thank you! MRA
  7. Hello! I've been reading the posts in this topic for quite some time now, which I had only printed the very first page of, not realizing there were now 130 pages! I tried to order parts exactly as they were shown on page 1, but some of the links were outdated, so I just got an RS232 Shifter from SparkFun and the jumpers and headers. I didn't like the thought of cutting cables and crimping them together, so I bought a Manhattan USB to Serial Converter (DB9M (RS232)) from a local computer store where no one had heard of this Seagate issue! In all fairness, no one at Best Buy in the computer department heard of it either, despite there being thousands of people with this same problem. I also bought a soldering kit from Radio Shack, a CR2032 battery, and a battery holder for that size battery. Last night, I soldered four wires onto the RS232 Shifter and have a set up that looks EXACTLY like what is pictured on the first page's picture. I was all excited about finally trying this out tonight, but I was confused by the part about powering down when using the CR2032 battery. I thought the battery was powering the hard drive somehow, but now I think it's powering the shifter. So my question is, after reading a bunch of pages and getting more and more confused by everyone cutting up cables and not using the battery method, I don't see anything powering the hard drive in the picture on the first page. Are you all somehow doing all of the unscrewing and screwing of the PCB while the hard drive is inside of the drive, or are you using an alternate method of powering the drive, since the power cable I'd normally use for the drive is too short? It's a bit overwhelming to search through 130 pages to find the answer when I end up with even more questions by the seventh page. Also, in the part about ,,,, vs. ,0,0,0, can I assume they are the same thing? The original instructions say ,,,, but then everyone else is talking about ,0,0,0,. Thank you kindly! MRA