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  1. Correct. Nope. I suspect that only passwords stored in windows credential manager will not be saved. i.e credential manager won't work. Opera passwords and other password storages implemented by third-party have nothing to do with protected storage.
  2. ok, if it's fixed, then where can we get the hotfix? thanks!
  3. What file? If it hadn't taken so much time to build an image, I would have tried.. It's kinda boring to wait about an hour just to see how it crashes yet another time... Tried to debug but without symbols and/or access to locals it's useless.
  4. As a matter of fact I run W7 too. I only wrote 'Documents and Settings' because I used to in XP. There wasn't Users directory. It was firstly introduced in Vista, while 'Documents and Settings' directory became a hardlink to it. I think you can't access 'Documents and Settings' folder because you're not running under account with admin rights. Nevermind.. This changes nothing.
  5. The operation which the program tries to proceed with at this time is a recursive deletion of its temporary folder. This temporary directory by default is indeed within User's temp directory, which is in turn within 'Documents and Settings'. But that's the way it's, and there is nothing to correct. Nevertheless, I tried to set another short and nice path to temporary directory. Nothing's changed. My guess that the problem with 'Documents and Settings' within mounted structure. (Which is either hard or soft link to Users directory, and has some specific access rights) Still I can't see why it needs to be deleted... Ben?
  6. Can't even get what 'Documents and Settings' it's talked about! The only 'Documents and Settings' existing at the time when this exception takes place is host system's 'Documents and Settings'. But it has nothing to do with mounted image. And if it really that folder that causes problem when I have no idea why the program tries to delete it..
  7. I'm experiencing the same error noob2k3 has got. (Though I'm using Win7 x86) Does some know about existing workaround? Or has Ben already started to make a patch? That error seems to be the most common for 1.0.7 version. I'm the third person who reported it.
  8. know this issue. it happens when you remove thumbnail something (don't remember exact name, probably cache) under system part of the component's tree.
  9. Hi all! I think I found a problem of using install_wim_tweak (v1.1) with W7. Hope you will help me to find some workaround It seems that tweaking W7 image registry with install_wim_tweak tool breaks Windows 7 feature's mechanism. After this tweak is installed and tweaked OS is installed on target machine (any?) attempt to change enabled feature causes removal of all features from the system. I always check it by trying to enable IIS. It starts like always: you select checkbox in the list, press OK and wait for operation to complete. But then it requires reboot (which also doesn't seem something catastrophic, but when I tried to do same steps without tweak installed, this operation did not required a reboot). While rebooting it shows you screen with clear message stating that features are configured. But if after all done you open feature list again you will ifnd that it's empty! dism /online /get-features shows the same results: no features are available, like they've never been. So, no error appears, but instead of enabling of feature, it completely removes all of them, which is both unusual and unexpected. What can I do to undo whatever tweak does to the image's registry?
  10. Ben, i have small feature request for you: please, add opportunity to invert selection on the features removal tab like it was in vlite.
  11. Thank for the reply. Yep, you're right, that's the case. Just another small question while there is no fix available yet: is it necessary to actually integrate anything into the system to get rid off that error? Or it will be enough to just check integration part as part of the process?
  12. Ben, could you please provide complete settings' file that you have used and tell what virtual environment you're using to test the installation? I'm asking because just selecting components which are mentioned in your post with a piece of settings' file doesn't seem to work. I'm always getting "windows could not configure one or more system components" error at the second stage of installation (after the first reboot) for W7 Ultimate under VMWare.

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