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  1. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    So after you got it to work. and show up in BIOS it was detected as 0GB.. did you do the other fix??? or after you got it to show up as 0GB you just updated the firmware and it now works?? I have a CA-42 cable with different colors and RX and TX cables than the guy above mentioned using. and I'm now able to type in hyper but nothing works. I don't ever get another prompt for ANYTHING... So I'm not sure if this is a COM, or a hyper, or cable problem. I swear I made the cable correct. it's been a few months though as I gave up for a short time. but I NEEEED my stuff now. Does anyone have a cable that FOR SURE works that I can buy, or borrow. I will pay for shipping to and from if needed. I just really need to fix this thing. My other question is about Hyperterminal. I've never used it. How do I know what COM port is correct. If I'm plugging it into my laptop or PC with a USB, what COM port is it. and why does my current hyperterminal private edition 7.0 never give me another choice but COM3.? any help would be amazing.. I'm hoping to get a for sure cable from someone though. Thanks! Another Question is how do I do a Loopback test?? Thanks!
  2. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    first off Thanks to Gradius2 and everyone else that has apparently took tons of time out of there lives for this thread. Very much appreciated. So, Here's my deal. I have the SD15 500GB 7200.11 that is bricked with the BSY (Busy) error. I've read just about EVERY page here... took forever. So, I got the Nokia CA-42 Cable. I bought one that someone in this thread bought and said it works (I've read some don't). well I got mine from the same seller on amazon as someone here. I've taken it apart. My cable is different from the poster above, mine only has 3 wires and they are Green: GND White: RX, and Yellow TX and that is all, and they are labeled on the CA-42 cable's usb end. says GND, TX, and RX. I spliced them, and added them to some wires that usually go from a tower's front to the motherboard. like these. http://www.cutedigi.com/images/JumperWire-Female-01-L.jpg I used those to have a secure and safe connection to the Drive.. used the metal inside the black parts, and taped them so they wont touch and short out. I have everything done right as far as I know. I've tried switching the RX and TX and still no luck. I'm not able to TYPE anything into hyperterminal. I'm running windows 7 and using hyperterminal 7 trial. Any idea's or suggestions would be amazing right about now. Everything is sitting out and I'm ready to type these commands and get this seagate working. So my only problem right now is that I can't type or do anything in HyperT. no communication. I do have a question. I am not using any battery's or anything of that sort, I was told that I don't need one. I'm running the Nokia cable from the USB on front of PC tower, to the drive. the USb should supply power right? I'm also set to use COM1 in hyperT as that is my only choice. If anyone could please help, or offer suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it.