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  1. Welcome all! I have problem with my ST3500320AS. A week ago it suddenly stopped and was not recognised in BIOS. With use of TTL terminal it got back to life. It had firmware SD15. I decided to update this firmware to SD1A, I made a backup of all data and started the Seagate FW Update Utility from seagate website. I didn't burn the ISO image and didn't use this solution cause I didn't have clean CD After starting this seagate application the computer got restarted and the update application started, it found proper HDD and started to copy files. Afters couple of second the process was over, but the application didn't finish, instead the loader started again. It showed that the FW was updated to SD1A and didn't copy the update files. And it was going on and over again. After that I burnt the boot CD using the image downloaded from seagate website and set boot priority to CD. The application started, found the HDD and updated the firmware to SD1A, then it shut down the computer. So everything went ok, just like in the instruction. But when it set back the boot priority to HDD the previous FW update application starts back again and repeats all the time. Is there any solution to bring the HDD back to life? I didn't check if its "visible" on other computer. Is there a way to get rid of this update application? Thanks for any advice.