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  1. as of right now, it is over half way copying system files over, i used my cd with NO extra drivers and it is way past where i was before, im wondering if adding the drivers on windows 7 caused the problems? o well, ill report back if anything happens now.
  2. 1) it was in HW (on her physical computer) 2) vista? i am 100% sure i'm not using vista, but windows 7 3) i am going to test making a install disk with nlite in XP in the VM with and without the drivers
  3. well, i just installed XP on the VM with out the drivers and it worked just fine.
  4. well, i am installing XP into a virtualbox, ill try and make the XP cd that way, and when i tryed adding the text drivers for AMD there was only one added (might conflixt with the intel ones i added) ill make a new cd this way and report back!
  5. here is the nlite file. When i try and install it without the drivers on the virtual machine it works fine, with them it still BSOD (dif code) Last Session (2010.03.30-12.15.49).ini
  6. I tryed installing the ISO i made with the nlite files on a virtualbox and now i get BAD_POOL_HEADER blue screen at the same spot, im going to test to see if the original iso i used to extract the files was messed up. Yes, i used the 32bit drivers on a 32bit installation cd, and the error code was 0x000000c2
  7. im not 100% sure this is an Nlite issue, but i was trying to install XP on a computer, and i used Nlite to install the drivers for both Intel and AMD hard drive >Intel< and >AMD< I was able to do it with my XP 64 bit edition with just the intel drivers on my computer, but doing the same thing with my 32 bit version, and both drivers (after i found out her computer is the AMD set) it will BSOD with BAD_POOL_CALLER after it trys to load the drivers, and before you get to the screen to format the drive. my question is, could this be because i added all the drivers (AMD + Intel) or somthing else, i can post any logs you want in about 2 hours, as i am in school at the moment
  8. thats what i thought after thinking about it for a few mins, thanks for the info.
  9. ok, now i got XP installed, but i can not get the boot manager to load both of them, i can either get win 7 running buy using the repair to reset the BOOT.INI, or use XP disk to repair the BOOT.INI and then that one will work.
  10. Yes it is, im really sorry, i though i had posted that link at the bottom.
  11. Thank you for the link, but how can i be sure on which driver to add?
  12. I believe that is the HDD model for this computer, cant be 100% sure this is my question, when i try and install Win XP on my laptop that has had vista and win 7. (i want to have XP, and win 7 at the same time) but when i go to install and it goes to the Hard drive, it comes up saying non are found, i tried hitting f6 to load them, and still non work. is there a driver i can find and add to the XP install disk? and how can i find it.

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