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  1. Hi everybody, I'm having a very specific problem with my setup. Ironically, I've already solved it once, and now that same solution either doesn't work, or I've forgotten what I need to do. I recently moved to Win 8.1, and still use my previous setup as much as possible, that is, I use portable apps whenever possible. Now, one that I'm having issues with is MS Word 2007 (a Thinstall portable). The trouble is that, somehow, although UAC and DEP are completely disabled on my system, every time I open it, it doesn't load the Normal template (Normal.dotm), and doesn't save one as well when exiting. As I said, I had it figured out just a few days ago, and now, after reinstalling my system, it doesn't work... Seems that Windows is somehow protecting the ...\AppData\Roaming\ folder, and simply doesn't want to give in! Would anyone have any ideas on how to work around this? Greets, W
  2. Hi all... This is my trouble. I've been googling for a few hours now, and stumbling to whatever seems similar, but i just can't find what i want... A few months ago, i saw some screens of Win7, and was amazed by the look of one taskbar shot. It looked just as what i made mine look in XP, and even better. This is what i came up in XP, just to clarify. (edit: Litestep-ed) The problem is, i can't find it now, and i'm not mad - even a friend of mine told me he saw it! The closest i got in pursuit is this clip. It's supposedly Windows8, but others say it's just a modded Win7... Now, if you have the idea how is this to be done... HELP!
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