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  1. Hi, does anyone know the switch for the Tuneup 2009.EXE (note: .EXE) everytime I get the UI and neither I find a msi package online to download so... could anyone throw me a rope?
  2. another little problem... I added the hotfixes of office 2003 to the runOnceEx script and 9 of the 10 goes fine... but the last one it goes wrong... it says that it cant find the ohotfix.exe file, but the link in the error (wich he says he cant find) I have no problem finding myself in cmd. screenshot: also, I never see the list of programs that I put in the RunOnceEx script... like this example does that have anything to do with the cmdow @ /hid command at the first line in the RunOnceEx script? anyway, I´ll attach my script here, so you can check it yourself EDIT: it cant find any of the ohotfix.exe setup files in the folders (they are there, I´ve checked 3 times) RunOnceEx.cmd
  3. God I´m such an id***... this was my end of the RunOnceEx Script: RD C:\install /S /Q RD C:\apps /S /Q expecting it would delete the files after the installation... I forgot that in order to delete them, I need to script them like a normal REG ADD %KEY% or link it to another script. question solved!
  4. at my job I have to install windows several times a day along with a bunch of programs that have to be installed by default. If I can copy the files to the hard disk drive on the computer, I can remove the installation cd and use it for another computer for installing. If I have to wait until the programs are installed it would take at least an hour to install windows and the programs, otherwise I can do 2 or 3 in one hour. AutoPartition=1 was in my older beta´s, now I have it set on 0 I´ve checked your version and mine... they´re the same except for hibernation...
  5. I already got it. The problem was that I didnt copy the product key correctly. the strange thing is, after creating a few beta´s (unattend install with unattend application install) with every one of them worked fine. of course there were a few errors in the RunOnceEx script, but that is what I´ve been working on. around 4 beta´s worked fine with unattend install and the files from the $OEM$ folder were copied, but now it doesnt copy them even though OemPreinstall is set on "yes" in the winnt.sif file. I had this problem now with two beta´s so does anyone knows how to fix it?
  6. Hi, yesterday I dedicated my whole day to the unattended installation of Windows XP Pro. But it didnt seem to work. I´ve tried several things like using nLite to doing it all manually, but neither of those two worked. Every time I got the same old windows where you have to insert the product key, your name etc etc. So I thought, is there some sort of trigger you have to pull when I install windows? in the WINNT.SIF file I have the UnnattendMode set on FullUnattended. actually, I´ll attach the whole file (i´ve deleted a couple things for privacy) It seems fine to me, but everytime I try it in VMWARE workstation I get the same old insert-dialog. can somebody help me? thanks already WINNT.SIF
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