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  1. I have a question about this disk that is brought to life - since I would need to hassle with Seagate, sending the disk and waiting for replacement - do you, respected community, think it would be better to flash it with the newest firmware and continue using it, or it is better anyway to get rid of it and look for replacement? Thanks and regards.
  2. Hello hiro, on the attached image, you will see the red marked circle showing the screw that is fixing board to the head contacts. In my case, I had only two screws not fixed (the other one is marked with the yellow circle), since I followed instructions shown on nitrohelix's video you can find on the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29FztWJVxbM. As I wrote in previous post, I had the isolating card under the PCB for a few days, and it probably deformed the board little bit, making therefore the contact between the board and the contacts of the head loosen even after removing the card. Actually, to play on the safe card, just be sure that you carefully (!) fixed all the screws after removing the card (before trying to spin-up the hard disk engine with the "U" command). I hope this will solve your problem as well - thanks God, it solved mine.
  3. YES!!!! I did it - thanks God, and all of you kind people around the world posting those messages and your experiences solving this awful problem. God bless you all!!! It was my fault for not having the most recent backup, but having the disk that is less then 1 year old I really didn't think this could have happened. Especially not on this magnitude of thousands of soon-to-be ex-Seagate customers :-( I made it with genuine Nokia CA-42 cable and Windows didn't recognize it until I provided 5V power to the cable from the my computers power supply, and connected hard disk to it. (I though that I broke the cable and almost went for another one.) Another thing that caused some additional gray hair on my head was this DETSEC error after trying to spin it up, like in the commented post: mrlondon, I don't know if you have already solved it, but in my case the reason was that I had the card that isolated PCB from the head contacts was mounted for a day or a two (until I've fixed the problem with the cable), and removing the card didn't really provide contact between the two. So what I had to do additionally, was to carefully screw the PCB where it was supposed to be connected to head contacts. It solved the problem - spinning up and the rest of the instructions worked like a charm! Now, I am backing up my data, and as soon as that is finished, I am going back with this hard disk to the shop where I bought it! Thank you all kind people!