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  1. Desktop Application Loading

    Thank You for replying. The system boots fine in safe mode and the desktop runs good but there are limited applications that load (antivirus only) on the right side. I can do malware & anti-virus scans while in safe mode; I can also update the spyware program (Malwarebytes) but cannot update the anti-virus one. I'm using Symantec Endpoint protection (V.11.0 64 Bit Corporate Edition). I will investigate this further. When I let the computer start normally, it will take me 2 or 3 re-boots to get a working desktop but the Intel Raid Manager will be checking and/or repairing the database every single time. I've had a Raid 0 on my son's computer for about 2 years now with no hitches at all; why is it so difficult to manage & maintain this RAID 0+1; Is it because of the 64 Bit OS ?
  2. Western Digital Hard Drives

    Thanks for answering one of my questions CoffeeFiend.
  3. Western Digital Hard Drives

    What should I do? Install the OS on a separate hard drive? Please explain how you would do it if it was your computer. Like I said before, RAID is kind of new to me and I did it because one of my friend suggested it to me.
  4. I NEED HELP PLEASE ! Today, I had to re-install Windows XP PRO 64 Bit (Fresh new install) and all of the usual software (Anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc, etc) and updating everything because my raid array failed (RAID 0 + 1). Two out of the four Western digital hard drives went bad on me within a few hours. They must have been mishandled in shipping or something. Since most or all of my data was gone, I replaced all of my existing drives by 4 new WD RE3 enterprise edition hard drives and started from scratch. Re-installing Windows was a breeze and all of my other applications installed correctly. Here's my issue: While starting back up again after installing an update, the computer froze in the desktop (I can move the mouse) while loading the applications in the lower right corner and the hourglass is showing all the time. Has anybody ever had this issue before; if so, any help would be greatly appreciated at this point. Thanks a lot ! PS - I have tried to repair Windows and the repair was successful but the same problem occurs as before. When the system is ready to load the desktop, it appears but the applications do not completely load and the hourglass appears where the pointer of my mouse was and it freezes there (I can still move it). Even the system time doesn't update. So I have to reset the computer again & again with no result.
  5. Hi everyone ! I've set-up a RAID 10 Array on my new computer using 4 WD 500MB RE3 enterprise edition hard drives. My motherboard has an integrated storage manager (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) and I've installed the latest version (8.9) on the PC. One of the hard drive has failed and I'm ready to replace it so here are my questions: 1- Do you have to format the replacement drive prior to installing it on the computer in order for the manager to rebuilt the array? 2 Is it normal that the Intel manager is either checking the array for errors or its rebuilding it after one of the drives has dropped out temporarily (Its doing this once a day or so)? I've checked my power & data wiring on all drives and everything is fine. My PSU is an Antec Truepower Quattro 850 Watts and I think its sufficient to power them. MY OS is Windows XP PRO 64 bit Edition. Is this normal for a RAID 10 array to be reacting this way? If anybody out there has lived through this situation before, then any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot !
  6. Error Message after Windows XP Pro Startup

    Thanks for the advice Johnhc. Unfortunately, I was still unsuccessful. Here is what I did: 1- Un-installed the Nlite software from my computer 2- Deleted everything pertaining to the previous set-up/ install 3- Re-installed the software on the computer 4- Made sure to use a fresh install of the OS 5- Used the 32 bit drivers only to integrate onto the new ISO image 6- Integrated everything into one session only. Result: Same thing happened. My son was getting impatient with me so I asked him if it was an issue for him and he said he didn't mind for the time being. I had previously done the same exercise a couple of weeks prior with my 64 bit OS and installed it on my new computer without a hitch. To this day, I still don't know where I went wrong.
  7. I need some help please. I built a brand new computer and it has been running good for about a month now; I'm using Windows XP PRO 64 bit edition. A couple of day ago, I was opening an application and for some unknown reason, it hang and the blue screen of death appeared saying < A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer > followed by < Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption and then restart your computer.> I shut down the PC & restarted it doing CTRL - I to go immediately to the Intel Matrix Storage Manager tool ver to see what had happened. The #2 drive had this status <ERROR OCCURED (0); I got out of the utility to start Windows normally and this message appeared. <Windows is unable to start because the file ntoskrnl.exe is corrupt or missing. Please copy the file back and restart the computer.> I'm running a commercial (business) antivirus software program and its kept updated several times a day. Also, I had done a system scan the day before and found no viruses at all. I also have spyware detection software. I tried to do a Windows repair but I was unsuccessful. Here's what I did: Re-booted the computer, went to the BIOS and changed the boot priority to one of my two CD/DVD drives, then I inserted the Windows XP PRO CD in order to proceed to the set-up menu. CD started, it went through the driver install and at the end of it just before it was going to start the setup menu, I got another blue screen of death saying the same thing as in the previous paragraph. That's where I'm stuck right now realizing that the OS was probably installed on disk 2 when the error occured. I'm supposed to have redundancy on this array either on disk 3 or 4 but I don't know what to do to access the info. I'm kinda new with RAID so any help would be greatly appreciated. The only screens I can access are: the BIOS & the Intel utility screen.
  8. I have just reconfigured my computer using the Nlite deployment tool. Creating the ISO image went well (Fresh OS install) + Intel SATA RAID driver. Burned the ISO image to CD/RW disk, using the tool, and installed the software to the computer. When I first started the PC after the Windows install (XP Professionnal), I got an error message right away. Here is what it says: " Windows cannot find nhelper. Verify that you have entered the name correctly and try again. To search for a file, clic on "Start" button and then search." I have to clic "OK" six times to make the error message dissapear. Is there any way to fix this issue or do I have to re-do a new ISO image and re-install the software again. Anybody have any ideas on the subject ?