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  1. If you are using Windows 7 than try to switch to vista or xp. When i was trying to install the drivers on my windows 7 it couldn't find no matter from where i download. I switched to my laptop which has vista 32bit and same drivers which were not installing on my windows 7 PC they actually worked on my vista laptop. Hmmm. I am using a Windows XP 32bit Desktop. Is this definitely the same driver that everyone is using? Installed by running the Cable_Driver.exe file? My cable is definitely the CA-42. It says it on the blue USB connector.
  2. OK, so my USB-to-serial adapter won't work. I did purchase a CA-42 cable but I have not been able to get the proper drivers to make it work. I went to the following site: http://file4.uafile.com/~d/drv/Win98%20Me%202k%20XP/ and I could not figure things out. I downloaded the file "Cable_Driver.exe" and it didn't really install any drivers. Where is the best place to get the drivers that work with this cable? TIA.
  3. Hello all, Just wondering if I am going about this the wrong way. I have a USB to serial cable and another cable that would normally be used for connecting the sound port on a CDROM to the sound card. My USB to serial cable works fine on my computer. The drivers have been loaded correctly and Device Manager sees the cable as COM4. I took the sound cable and removed the wires from the black connectors at both ends. I connect the wires up to pins 2,3 and 5 on my USB to serial cable and then to the appropriate pins on the drive. I run putty using COM4 with the baud rate set at 38400. I apply power to the hard drive from a USB-to-SATA adapter. I have not been able to get any response on the console. Any thoughts on what to try? Thanks in advance.