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  1. Hi there, as many were interested in the script, here's the batch. You have to test it as it contains updates for both Win98 and Win98 SE. the commands for the batch are as follows: 238453GER8.exe /Q /R:N 245729DE8.exe /Q /R:N 249973GER8.exe /Q /R:N 256015GER8.exe /Q /R:N 259728GER8.exe /Q /R:N 273727GER8.exe /Q /R:N 273991GER8.exe /Q /R:N 274548GER8.exe /Q /R:N 314147GER8.exe /Q /R:N 323172GER8.exe /Q /R:N 323255GER8.exe /Q /R:N 811630GER8.exe /Q /R:N 823559GER8.exe /Q /R:N js56mde.exe /Q /R:N q240308.exe /Q /R:N q313829.exe /Q /R:N q330994.exe /Q /R:N q828750.exe /Q /R:N TelnetUp.exe /Q /R:N The /Q doesn't give an output to the user, the /R:N prevents from rebooting. Pack it into a start /w TelnetUp.exe /Q /R:N and the batch waits for the first one to terminate before it starts the second one. This solution still isn't perfect in my opinion but enough for these tasks. I programmed the same in vb, where it seems to be easier to keep an eye on, to keep it up-to-date and to add new hotfixes or other executables. Cheers Bookie
  2. Thanx for this hint. Any idea, how you can achieve this with 98 ?? thx Markus
  3. I am actually working on a batchfile enabling to install all the 98 updates at once. I have the problem, that I don't get the restart after reboot done. How can you determine the cd-rom's drive-letter? If anyone is interested in the skript, email me. Regards Markus
  4. Hi Mip, What I want is a fuction in a batch file, that allows to restart an application after reboot only once. I know how to import into the runonce key but I don't manage to get it done in a batch (especially as 98 doesn't know the 'REG ADD' command) and with a link to the cd-rom. Markus
  5. Hi, I am programming a cd with a batch which installs several parts of security updates. It consists of these parts: 1. McAfee-Install 2. OS-Check 3. Servicepack-Update 4. IE-Update 5. Security-Updates (hotfixes) Everything works fine but I can't find out how to resume the updates after a reboot, how to include the information in the software\microsoft\windows\runonce-registry so that no user-activity is needed after that. I also don't know, how to save the cd-rom's drive letter with my batch-files Anyone with suggestions would mean a big help. Thanks Markuss
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