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  1. Thanks, I should do that. I get enough spam from people.
  2. I would get another 1TB hdd and make a second copy of the datas. I have a 3.5mm thing where it can insert two 2.5" harddrives. Once a while I insert a 2.5" back up and sync all the important datas with SyncToy, then eject the harddrive.The stupidest thing that can happen in this case would be to accidentally reverse backup process and tells SyncToy to overwrite the newer datas with old datas, also to delete all new datas not existing in the backup harddrive. If there is a project you are working on for thousand of hours and then completely lost it Yeah, I have been thinking about getting another 1tb external to make a back up of my original files on my main external. Does that make sense? lol
  3. I've been wondering if I should buy this game? Is it worth buying or not? I'm kinda in a 50-50 right now. I can't make up my mind if I should spend the money.
  4. I have owned a DSI for about two months now. I was wondering if any of you also own one. If you do, what are your thoughts on the hand held system?
  5. I was going to say the same thing Kelsenellenelvian said, but he/she beet me to it! Good luck with your issue.
  6. Honestly, I have no idea. Do you have all your data backed up on an External or something? I think it would be easiest for you to put it all back and overwrite that Data if it's on an External. That's just my opinion though. But sorry, I have no idea how else to help you.
  7. Last time I tried using Partition Magic, I had a huge HDD failure. I've been skeptical ever since on using that piece of software. Maybe since the last time I used it, they fixed some issues, so who knows.
  8. If you didn't get this fixed, just wait a couples weeks. Wait until Windows 7 releases and buy that. That's your best bet as of right now.
  9. If I had a job and money, I would build something similar to this PC!
  10. That is sick. I give you mad props for making this! Want to make me one? lol
  11. Never used it because I'm using Vista as my main OS right now. I'll let you know when I get Windows 7 as my main OS!
  12. For me, I have a 160gb HDD that only has my OS on it and my downloaded programs from the internet. I have my 1tb external drive which holds my data and all my music! This way if my Main HDD crashes or fails, I'm not losing my data. But if it's the other way around, I'm pretty much stuck in a hole.

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