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  1. Thanks KlingKlang! I had to be sure. I'm inclined to think that my drive is in neither mode 0 LBA or BSY, but unfortunately I think it's a little more complicated than that. I connected the HD directly to the motherboard powering on, it's indeed recognised in bios and with correct size 500gb. But restarting Crtl Alt Del, doesn't show up in bios any more, in wich case appears to be in BSY mode. I have to shutdown the drive and turn on again to reappear. And when trying to install windows in it, windows detects a unknown partition, and reports no problem on the drive. When connecting via USB, is the same, powering the drive it is detected, disconnecting the usb cable and reconnecting it again it's not detected. Maybe the PCB board is damage, don't know, I'm ignorante in this matters But the strangest thing is that in no circumstance the drive is detected in the Disk Management tool, it should even if it had no partition at all!! If anyone had any suggestion for me, it would be must appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hi every one, I'm new here, hope I'm posting in the right place. I have a seagate hard drive, Barracuda 7200.11 500Gb ST3500820AS Firmware SD25, in an external box of Iomega, connected via USB. A few days ago after a power down and on again, the windows xp couldn't recognise the partition on disk, giving me an unformated local disk. But if I disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it again, nothing comes up, it is if there is nothing connected. My question here is, is it possible that my drive has this 0 LBA error or a BSY error? Or, how can I know it? I have updated the Firmware to SD1A, but it stayed the same. I'm still waiting for my RS232 to TTL converter to arrive, but I'm not sure if I can effectively apply this solution. I have lost 500gb of data, any reply would be helpful. Thanks I contacted Seagate and they told me to send the drive in for a replacement, but I don't care about the drive, but only recovering the data.