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  1. I recently noticed that my win7 backups were not working, event viewer error 0x8007002 .. I initially believed it to be something I had installed along the way so I decide to reinstall (win7 x86_64 OEM) this past weekend and perform step by step tests to see when it began failing. On Tuesday night, I got around to reconnecting my ubuntu (karmic) drive and set my mb default boot to that drive and kept going as normal. Then I decided to try a win7 backup and it failed. What I've determined per my system setup is that when I boot win7 from grub, backup fails with the 0x80070002 error, but when I boot directly from the win7 drive using the installed win7 MBR, backup works correctly again. I know I can get this to repeat on my system, secondary confirmation would be great. I use separate drives for my operating systems so for me, it's as easy as hitting my esc key during bootup and choosing whatever boot device I want. I also wanted to make sure this is at least in some small way documented somewhere in the event there are others running into the same thing. What this affected for me - Macrium Reflect fails backups (needs working VSS) Windows backup fails Windows backup system image creation fails Windows system restore fails to create new restore points (restored to a previous time, the system restore point to revert back to original failed to create during the restore process)
  2. Im just bumping my post to see if anybody can help me, thanks. When I completed my drive recovery a few days ago (09/26/09), I ended up having to clear the BSY to get the drive to recognize and then follow up with the 0 LBA fix to be able to access everything. If you already have run the BSY fix, you don't need to remove the circuit board again to run the 0 LBA fix.
  3. Thank you!!!!! I chanced on this thread when I was doing a Google search on data recovery options for a dead seagate out of an HP system. With the only minor glitch being the CA-42 cable I initially ordered not installing as anything other than an error (see post #1500 .. that was the same as the first cable I bought .. $33). It looks like gnakh solved the issue with this cable (post #1950). I was wondering if it just needed extra power, but since I was doing a recovery attempt for someone else, I didn't feel like tempting the fates any more than I had to .. lol Bought this cable instead - http://www.amazon.com/Data-Cable-Nokia-357...6306&sr=8-1 a penny + $2.98 shipping .. via US mail .. sent the 24th received today (09/26/09) .. Took me about an hour to fix the BSY (setting up cable, tracking down glitches caused by the circuit board not being secured enough) and another 45 secs to fix the 0 byte error that was also present after the BSY fix .. The drive is currently gettiing imaged after which it will get a firmware update .. lol For the record, this is a drive that was going to be shipped out for professional data recovery. If I hadn't both found this forum post that showed me it WAS possible and come across nitrohelix's video that showed the CA-42 cable, my client was looking $1000+ for the recovery (rough quotes). A HUGE thanks to gradius2 for coming up with this solution.