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  1. Hello all, Need help please. I tried to unbrick hdd using cell phone cable dku-5 and max3232 (rs232 to ttl) and got the same result (No response from ctrl Z nor ctrl L) . I tried the loopback test in hyperterminal and the result was ok but when I connected the sata power from my PC psu to hdd (as per Mr. Gradius2's solution) and restarted hyperterminal, I couldn't get any response from ctrl z. I've recheck the wiring Ground, tx, rx. Everything seems ok. My son's hdd is barracuda 7200.11 320 GB model ST3320613AS and the firmware is CC2H (seagate forum mentioned no need to upgrage fw). Now it looks like the hdd has a BSY ERR because the motor spins but the PC can't detect it. If I connect tx rx grn without removing the pcb from hda, when I start Hyperterminal, it shows LED: 000000CD Faddr: 00010303 Please advise whether this Seagate hdd Model ST3320613AS (320 GB, FW : CC2H) can be unbricked. I wonder because most of the success is 500 GB or 1 TB HDD with FW SD15. I'm happy for everyone who gets data back. Now I really need help since my son lost his data while he was trying to do the data backup from this hdd. Almost all of his data were lost. I try to contact data recovery services but they told me the price that I could buy 4 new hdds (Best effort but No guarantee). I wish l can unbrick this hdd since I am the one who asked my son to do the data backup. I don't know whether there is any answer to this model in this forum since I've only read 20 pages of this forum. if there is one, please tell me the page no. or Post no. Thank you for your advise.