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  1. Personal Network

    Wow - time flies when you're having fun. I did want to say that I did check with my ISP and they stated that as long as I'm not trying to run a business and kept things "within reasonable use" they didn't have an issue with what I was trying to do. I want to play with various features that my employer doesn't want to implent, find a few things out about things like SharePoint 2010 and other software packages that you really need to build stuff out with. I rent half a house and the other person also has their own internet connection and wants to use this to help with their support work they also do. My goal with this buildout is to learn those things that I have been able to take for granted with employers who have offered great resources to let me build full test and development networks within my operational network. So qualifying my desire, I want to learn what it would be to build out from the ground up - to start with only a connection and a few pieces of equipment. This is the same thing I've talked to many people about doing and I just want to go a little more over the top than the standard home user. Here's what I've got in mind: HP w/250gb (c:) & 24gb RAM - Loaded w/Server 2012 Standard & HyperV 2tb (d:) - Server 2012 Standard DC w/DHCP & DNS Server 2012 Standard w/SQL & SharePoint Windows 8 Pro Windows 7 Pro Dell w/Server 2008 R2 acting as a web server w/various content Add to that a laptop (or two) and desktop running Win7 Enterprise Still have to pick a domain name to register and set up a Dynamic DNS so I can let the IP change and still get back to it. Picked up a new TP-Link w/built in support for Dynamic DNS so I'm ready to start. Thanks to those who read and commented and anyone else who wants to comment, feel free. I can always take a suggestion to see if I can learn more.
  2. Personal Network

    I looked around and couldn't find anything like this so I figured this might be an ok spot to get some input. I've been working in IT for a few years and never really wanted to build "my own" network but with all the changes going on with Windows I want to put something together for myself. I plan to use a couple of beefy PCs with plenty of drive space and memory to build Win2012 servers hosting VM's to build out my environment. I intend to put together at least a DC, a SharePoint server, a standard web server, and a couple of other servers. My problem is when doing it for a business the physical environment is different that when I'm doing here at home. I will be using a standard ISP which means no dedicated IP, firewalls, routers, exchange servers, etc. so I'm looking for any suggestions anyone might have. I have considered using Windows Server Essentials or even a copy of Small Buisness Server (yes I know its a dead product) but I want to get working just a little ahead of my employers plans. I figure to use Server 2012 Standard - set up as a DC and Hyper-V host. The second drive in the system will be set up to hold the Hyper-V systems. So if you think this sounds like a fun challange and want to make some suggestions please feel free. I will try to bounce back in and keep this updated as I move forward letting my trial and errors go out to see what people think but I wouldn't mind any suggestions. Oh ya, one of my end plans is to make this available outside the house so I know I'll end up registering a domain, then linking that domain to one of the dynamic DNS sevices so the changing IP address wont kill me. Haven't even decided on a name or what extension (.com, .net, .org, or .name?) so feel free to offer a few even to that area. Thanks for any advice anyone wants to give.
  3. I have been trying to build an unattended answer file for use to install Windows 7 Enterprise from various sources (USB Drive / DVD / Network Share) but I just can't seem to get the file to the starting point. Feeling old I remember in the "good old days" when you could run SysPrep and a basic winnt.sif file was created and then you could edit the file to add sections and components but you had a basic start. Under Windows 7 I have downloaded the WIAK and installed it, opened the Install.WIM file and attempted to create and save the autounattend.xml file but I never seem to get the system to even read the file let alone apply those settings which I thought I had requested. I have looked at a document that gives the basics for Visat unattended installation but that hasn't helped much. So, does anyone know of either a good starting point or some such that gives some direction. MSFN has an awesome "Go Me By" for XP which I used oftern but that (of course) doesn't work for 7. I want to get as hands off as possible with all users who touch the machine seeing the same stuff. Don't need to worry about any additional software as the systems will get their software from System Center. I will need to be able to set the machine name as a part of the installation (if possible) but everything else is pretty wide open. Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can give me.
  4. I have used this site for a while and the help has been fantastic. I am trying to follow the various builds that are suggested for both Vista and Win7 (will drop Vista as soon as I get 7 right) but so far have had no real luck following the build for an unattended installation. Here is my problem I want to build a USB or DVD to install Win7 with only the need to give the machine name (will change for each machine). I have downloaded and used the lastest version of WAIK and attempted to build the file autounattend.xml and copied to the root of the drive When I run the disk the system fails immediately and I have to anwer the installation as if I was running a regular installtion My goal is to have a installation to build a standard machine. As default profile can not be modified so the installation must be right (background / screensaver / etc) so all users are the same the answer file is critical. Looking for just a hand on how to get started. Have used the various Microsoft links and the fantastic people here at MSFN and the NOOB forums but (as much as I hate to cry) no one has a guide like the MSFN XP Guide. Any help would be greatly appriciated.