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  1. Im just bumping my post to see if anybody can help me, thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, so i try to fix the error again with the Gradius2 instructions, i did everything like he says and when i mean everything its that right (btw i sweat like a pig when i screw again the pcb with the power on), i finish all the steps, turn off the pc, swap HDDs and.... THE SAME ERROR "error loading operating system" so now i want to cry for all my data, i dont know what else to do please help me mates! Cheers.
  3. Hi KlingKlang, thanks for the idea, i downloaded the ubuntu cd and tried what you tell me with any good luck, ubuntu never find the HD so im hoping that somebody knows whats wrong with this one or if i did wrong all the procedure to fix it, thanks.
  4. Hi, so i try what Jaclaz tell me and this is what happen... When I try to boot from my normal HD with the seagate as a slave windows simply never boot! it freeze when appears the window logo but i notice that the seagate HD makes a tiny little sound every 3-4 seconds or more so i think the HD its not good yet The info in the bios about the HD is this one: ST3500320AS LRG, ATA100, 500GB Cylinder 65535 Head 16 Precomp 0 Landind Zone 65534 Sector 255 And thats it... hope i can fix this with your help guys
  5. You DON'T try to boot from the hard disk. You check and see if it is detected by BIOS. (as SECONDARY drive) If it is, go on booting from your "normal" working hard disk and check if Windows (or Linux) can access the partition or filesystem on the repaired drive. If it does but you see "garbled" data, you may need to use a data recovery utility to check it's integrity, like TESTDISK: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk If it doesn't, it means that the fix wasn't applied properly, simply did not work, or the drive suffers from ANOTHER problem (not the BSY, not the LBA0), and in any case you should try again to fix it. SPANISH tutorial: http://www.msfn.org/board/reparacion-del-s...06.html&hl= jaclaz Thank you so much Jaclaz im gonna try this later when i return from work and i tell you what happen
  6. Thanks Valkyrio i really hope i can recover all my data.
  7. Hi to everyone, so im from Mexico and i have this problem too... the thing is that i tried to fix the disk with the nokia usb cable and everything goes really great with the connections and the hyperterminal instructions but when i swap disks and try to start my pc with the seagate it always gave me the same error "error loading operating system" i already change the Auto/Large options of the HD in the BIOS but nothing happen so please help me because i cant lose all the data (nearly 400gb) and also if somebody can give me some instructions in spanish i'll appreciated because my english is not that good... Greetings to everybody