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  1. Hello I installed Windows XP 64-bit SP2 on my Acer Timeline a bit over 2 days ago but the system clock is refusing to sync, I get an error: "An error occurred when Windows was synchronizing with time.windows.com." I tested to do a sync on my other computers and it works fine. I nLited out the games, Outlook Express, Fax service, Help & Support and Telnet from the install, but this I've done on all my installations so I have a hard time thinking this is the cause. My router is not showing anything odd in the logs either. Anyone experienced or heard of this problem and wouldn't mind to help out ? Thanks in advance. //Warepire
  2. [Solved] Integrating Realtek ALC269 Driver

    After a few BSODs from me stripping out unneeded XP components in a clumsy way I can say that the WDM directory was the needed one. Thanks //Warepire
  3. lost driver, help me please

    You should be fine with the Realtek AC97 driver (which is a general audio driver). The driver can be gotten here, just follow the instructions to reach the download page. If you lost all your drivers you should really find the chipset drivers, those are important, look on the computer for the full model number and google it, you should find some datasheets or something that describe what chipset the computer has.
  4. [Solved] Integrating Realtek ALC269 Driver

    Does your source files contain HD Audio drivers? Or slipstream SP2. If I have my information in order the AC269 driver is for HD Audio only.SP2 is already slipstreamed, do this SP contain HD Audio drivers by default ? Try the WDM directory. This contain XP 32bit and XP 64 bit drivers. Add this directory. PNP should load the drivers. One of the folders in a WDM directory, it also contains lots of INF and CAT files, I will attempt to integrate that folder and the Audio driver and see how it goes. Thanks for the assistance, much appreciated. //Warepire
  5. Hi I just got myself an Acer Timeline 3810T but I am no big fan of Vista, so I thought I'd install XP 64bit on it. I am aiming at doing an unattended install via an USB-stick, I've reached the point when it's to add drivers to the WINNT.SIF file so XP Setup will use the correct drivers instead of the default ones. All drivers have been successfully added besides the Audio and Graphics driver, the graphics driver didn't come with a single INF or CAT file but the installer has a silent option, so i am installing the graphics drivers in the 2nd pass. But the Audio driver (Realtek ALC269) is giving me a headache. To the problem: The version of the Audio driver that i am trying to install is ACER's own packaging which comes with alot of folders and whatnot, and I just can't figure out what file that needs to be kept for an integration or what parameters to give the setup so it will install the drivers silently. I have not been able to find the correct driver on Realtek's own site so i don't have the original packaging which probably has less files to care about. Does anyone have any experience of integrating this driver or installing it silently and wouldn't mind helping a lost soul out ? For those that want to download this driver and experiment can get the driver here. Thanks in advance //Warepire