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  1. Ok sorry, I said hal.dll error is gone since you guys helped me with boot.ini Now the error I get is: Windows will close cause to prevent damage, I cannot make a print screen of the error cause it's outside Windows. I hope you can help me with this error? I used a legal copy of Windows so the files cannot be wrong. Thank you.
  2. I know partition 5 is completely wrong, I was just testing a bit. I tried your ruls rdisk 1 partition 1 and 2, well it don't gives me a hal.dll error it keeps doing this: Giving a - at left up of the screen and keeps on blinking. (like he's thinking but doesn't do anything) and it doesn't do anything anymore. that's right after picking the menu option. TXT mode is working on 1 pc, on 2 other i've tried isn't working. it starts and after 20seconds it says: Windows stopped to prevent big damage. (Blue screen) Can you help me with this problem? (Maybe it is because I already have Windows installed? Is that possible? I'm trying it at pc's with already Windows installed!) Or do I need to format before installing? Thank you again!! Marco
  3. I get to the boot menu where I can make the option GUI mode or TXT mode. I don't even get to the setup. Thank you. I hope you have enough information to help me.
  4. Well my laptop has 1 drive with 4 partitions (which I see in Windows Disk Management) for FAQ4 it is not even possible to pick a partition, I just want to make a new 1 which I normally do at Windows installation. I just want this usb stick working on all pc's or atleast get a menu with alot of options which 1 works. Is this possible? This is my boot.ini atm: [boot Loader] Timeout=10 Default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS [Operating Systems] C:\btsec\XPSTP.bs="1. Begin TXT Mode Setup Windows XP, Never unplug USB-Drive Until Logon" multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(5)\WINDOWS="2. and 3. Continue with GUI Mode Setup Windows XP + Start XP from HD 1" /FASTDETECT multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(2)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Continue GUI Setup + Start XP from HD 2, use if installing on HD2" /FASTDETECT c:\grldr="4. Start GRUB4DOS Menu - DOS FPY IMAGES + Linux + XP Rec Cons + Vista" C:\btsec\XATSP.bs="Attended Setup XP, Never unplug USB-Drive Until After Logon" I tried TXT Mode on another computer it works. So it depends on the partition structure, how can I fix it for all pc's? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I'm using Multiboot_10_usb, everything is going ok untill when I boot from USB, it keeps saying hal.dll error. I saw some answers about it, it's the partition structure which makes the error. What can I do about it and is it possible to tell it in a easy way? I don't know which hard disk number I need to take or partition number, how can I find out? It took me already days to find out how to install XP from an USB but keep failing, i'm on the good way but now hal.dll is in my way. Can someone help me? Thank you, Marco