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  1. Yiheeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I did it. +1 for gradius. Actually I used this help. Wohooooooo!!!!
  2. Got a new CA-42 cable. The "old" DKU-5 did not work. Hooked up the CA-42, inserted the paper card between the PCB and head connector, hooked up the HD to an independent power supply and, launched the hyper terminal, everything worked just fine. I used this guide. Got to the point when I should enter: m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 HD spins down. Nothing happens for 30 minutes. Turned off. Repeated everything. Tried F712 command and got this response: Byte:05A1: Expansion = 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 This time waited 45 minutes. Nothing. Read another 2 hours not much learned. I've got an SD35 firmware. Maybe that's the issue? Anyone can help? Please.
  3. Guys. Any comments on this one. Thanks.
  4. Almost forgot. Here are the voltage levels: Blue-Yellow= -2.63 Blue-Red= +0.513 Blue-Green= -0.15 Blue-White= -2.51 Red-Yellow= -3.3 Red-White= -0.69 Red-Green= -3.09 Yellow-White = 0 Yellow-Green = +2.61 White-Green = +2.47 Please advise.
  5. Dear All. Two more weeks had passed. Almost every night I’m here. TX/RX had burnt into my retina. When the cable is plugged in besides COM1 and TCP/IP - COM9 will appear. So my setup is: 38700-8-None-1-None I’m still trying to run the DKU-5 by itself, and get a response by turning the echo ON (File->Properties->Settings->ASCII Setup->Echo Typed Characters Locally) and hooking two wires together. I tried all the wire combinations: Green + Yellow = gibberish (few) White + Blue = gibberish (a lot) Yellow + Blue = gibberish (a lot) Interestingly if I connect blue + red and the echo is turned on I’ll see double character whichever key I press. My understanding is DKU 5 will get power from the USB connector, so I don’t need to connect an extra battery. Also the ground does not need to be connected since I’m running the DKY-5 cable by itself. The cable connector has 13 pins. Here are the connections: From what I’ve read so far white/green shall be TX/RX but it just don’t want to work for me. Do you think it’ll work at all? Again, I’m trying to trouble shoot the first part of the whole thing w/o hooking it up to the hard drive. Thanks for any comments.
  6. OK. After 45 days and 10 more topic pages (including the previous 96) I think I've read through everything. I'm still puzzled. I still don't know if my drive is reparable or not. I've recorded the sound it emits when the computer is booting, here: Youtube link for the SOUND There is a large peak in every 8.6 sec and a small one 3.2 sec later. And it's just keep repeating, and nothing happens. I've also dissected my nokia DKU cable that I’ve had for years. It has no marking on the PCB that would give a clue about TX or RX. Below is a picture of the PCB. I went through all the pictures that others uploaded to this forum, but I was not able to find the same cable. Please help. Thank you. A.
  7. Guys. Thanks for the help. I don't want to look lazy, but 94 pages is 94 pages. Besides by the time I'll read through that i'll not know sheet from shinola because all the info will be dumped only and not organized. I built my first rig 10 years ago, all from scratch. Since than I re-soldered resistors on a geforce to make it quadro - piece of cake, swap bios/firmware for any component - not a problem, convert a power supply into water cooled one - any time!!! but cmon, hacking a hard drive ... it's kinda scary even to think about considering that all my data on it can be corrupted/lost/gone in a great walhalla. I think I'll record the way it sounds over the weekend during boot up and present it here, to see what you guys think. And off course, i'll read the rest of 94. Thanks again. A.
  8. Guys. Please help identifying the problem with my drive. It's spinning up and down and clicking, but the BIOS will not see it. Will this fix take care of it's problem? Off course my warranty is live, but I'm concerned about the data. Seagate won't pay for retraiving my data. Thanks A. No, but it should be covered by hardware warranty. I think seagate has 1 years. But then again, do they care? You do have warranty until 2013... Check link. https://store.seagate.com/webapp/wcs/stores...urnOrderItemAdd I think that you can do the fix in order to get the drive detected in bios. I would however in you position, get a second opionion by someone else here. What do you thinks guys?
  9. Hi Everybody. I saw this fix on youtube first, then I searched for this forum. Thanks for Gradius for putting together this comprehensive guide. I've got a Seagate Barracuda 7200 last December. It's a 1 TB model with the following properties: S/N: 9TE0STK3 / ST31000333AS / P/N: 9FZ136-336 / Firmware: SD35 / Date Code: 09191 From the date code I can see it's probably a bad one (Nov 11 2009 - so it's before January 12, 2009). I've got two other drives installed on an ABIT AN7 IDE port, and this Seagate on a SIL SATA 3112. First I thought it's the firmware but I can't swap the firmware since my sata controller will not recognize my drive. When I'm trying to boot windows it'll boot forever, and never finish it. I tried Seagate too, they told if it's clicking it's not covered by the firmware issue warranty... I tried to figure out what is wrong and found a firmware update is available for this issue. I downloaded it and try to execute (I downloaded the firmware for my ST31000333AS S/N model). When I see the seagate notification after the computer boots up I chose the "Y" option, but it did not let me to choose a hard drive, or to proceed any further with the firmware flashing process, instead it tries to start windows, and freezes up again. During all this time I can hear the head inside clicking in ~,every 5 seconds. I continues to spin up and down in the meantime. I downloaded SEeaTools and burned a CD. Disconnected all my other drives and booted from CD. The seagate drive spins up, and keeps clicking. SeaTools for DOS tries to scan for a hard drive but it says: "No hard drive found ..." "Detected 0 Devices" . Before that it says: "Scanning for devices on SIL 3112" which tells me it is able to see my motherboard SATA controller. Anyone has an idea of what could be the real problem with my HD and if this solution listed by Gradius will work on it? Your all help is greatly appreciated. A.