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  1. looks like I joined the many,my 1TB 7200.11 failed a couple of days ago. I have emailed support and they told me to return the drive for replacement. I told them that I would take the drive out of the box to attempt recovery, I was told that I was ok to do this. I have since read the full thread and am trying to get Seagate to do free data recovery. I'll keep you posted on how I get on with them and in the meantime I will be sourcing the parts for the fix. Thanks for all the hard work that's gone into this thread guys. Steve UPDATE 17th September 2009 I have today spoken with Seagate again Via instant chat ans thelephone, UK Based phone number 00800 472 4283 Seagate are assuring me that although my drivr failed in exactly the same way other with the not recognised in bios have described that my drive is not within the serial number range of the affected drives and will therfore not recover my data free of charge. I've included a copy of my chat with Seagate. Please wait while we find an agent to assist you... All agents are currently busy. Please stand by. Hello. How may I help you? Stephen Tansley: I have an issue with my hard drive failing, it failed as is evident on the much documented problem with the seagate 7200.11 range Eli S: How did the drive go out? Stephen Tansley: I was told by David Fields that my particular drive was not affected by this issue Stephen Tansley: drive was working fine up till shutdown, then at reeboot drive was not recognised in bios Eli S: And what is the serial number, Mr. Tansley? Stephen Tansley: S/N 9QJ0LQ8B Stephen Tansley: David told me that Seagate would exchange the drive but would not cover Data Eli S: and this is a FreeAgent Desk? Stephen Tansley: it is Eli S: ok. What the agent told you previously is correct. That issue only affected internal drives, not ones that were earmarked for external drives Eli S: Do the plates still spin in the enclosure? Stephen Tansley: IHow can this be? a drive is a drive, inside this is still an ordinary OEM drive Stephen Tansley: the plates appear to spin for 1 second then idle for 2 seconds Eli S: Have you opened upt he drive, or? Stephen Tansley: I have opened the outer box to allow access to the drive to enable me to connect to pc via sata to try to recover data Eli S: Ah, I understand Eli S: Was the drive recognized? Stephen Tansley: no, bios still fails to recognise drive Eli S: Have you checked that the controller is enabled in Bios? Stephen Tansley: all sata controllers enabled in bios, bios recognised other 2 sata seagate drives 9both 7200.10) Eli S: one moment, let me check one more thing Stephen Tansley: ok Eli S: I've checked a couple of other things, and it is not affected by firmware, thus it has to be some other issue Stephen Tansley: will Seagate recover the data at no cost to me? Eli S: I could give you information about a data recovery group, if you are interested in recovering your data, Mr. Tansley Eli S: No sir. Data recovery is not covered by the warranty Stephen Tansley: I will not be using a paid service to recover my data, if Seagate will not do this free I will use an rs232 device to recover the drive myself as I strongly believe this problem is caused by the firmware issue Stephen Tansley: I have read other documented cases where seagate have said this issue did not affect a drive and when checked the drive was suffering from the documented issue Stephen Tansley: I believe Seagate are still unsure which serial no range is in fact a problem Stephen Tansley: I also belive this drive was shipped by seagate knowing that there was an issue Eli S: I do apologize you are having this issue today, Mr. Tansley Eli S: But is there anything else that I could assist you with today? Stephen Tansley: could you give me a UK contact phone number as I wish to take this issue further Eli S: One Moment Stephen Tansley: also do you have a complaints or legal department that i could contact Eli S: 00.800.4732.4283 Eli S: That is the number for the UK, Mr. Tansley Eli S: Is there anything else I could assist you with today? Stephen Tansley: Thank you for your assistance, I shall phone the number you have given me Eli S: You're welcome. Have a nice day, Mr. Tansley. I am just about to place an order for an rs232 device which I think will do the job http://www.virtualvillage.co.uk/usb-to-rs2...r/sku003602-010 Steve.