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  1. Ok followup. Unfortunately nitrohelix didn't install a driver but her windows detected it with an existing driver. I retried some of the prolific ones I had from forums and their website with no luck. Good news is I finally found a driver that WORKED! I got it from: http://the-stickman.com/general/irda-usb-s...troller-driver/ the USB2Serial_Drivers-Dynex file (although I think the other one DX-UBDB9_Drivers is exactly the same) I installed it by right clicking the SERWPL.INF and selecting install. Then right click and install SER2PL.INF. Then plugged in the cable and it worked. I managed to fix my BSY state error on my hard drive and get all my data back, which has made me sooo happy Only issue I'm facing now is updating the firmware. For some reason it won't detect my drive correctly. I put in my serial number on the seagate site, downloaded their iso and burnt it. It says something like looking for ST31000340NS, no match it found ST31000340NS... Update: So although my hard drive did have the BSY state error and the serial number in the seagate check tool confirms my drive needs the firmware update, they don't seem to provide one for my part number. ST31000340NS P/N: 9CA158-271 Firmware: RS01 So I guess I'll have to wait for seagate support to answer my email, but I have a bad feeling they're going to say they don't support it. Update: Yeh apparently the RS01 firmware was written by some other company so they can't update it.
  2. I'm trying to use the CA-42 cable but am having lots of trouble despite reading all 94 pages of this thread, the related blogs/posts, googling everything i can think of and going through all sorts of random forums. I just can't get the cable to work correctly in windows XP. The hardware ID is USB\Vid_067b&Pid_2303 I've tried a lot of different drivers for this chip (including prolific, arkmicro, others from forums). My cable is detected by windows, and the driver that seems to work best is the one off the Prolific website. However it always has the yellow exclamation mark and says device unable to start. It seems to select COM4, and I set its parameters correctly. Hyperterminal will not let me choose COM4 (as the drivers aren't working). Anyone have any advice or know some better drivers? I'm not sure what to do. I don't have any machines left with COM ports so need to try to get this USB working. My cable says made in china, SN: WTO48000317 It has 3 wires (white, green, blue). It's exactly the same as the one shown in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29FztWJVxbM Even with the little red loop back wires. In the video he doesn't mention where he got his drivers from, but it shows Motorola Comp Modem drivers being installed. I've tried to find these but with no success so far. Thanks