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  1. Revised: Help! How to install on W:

    Hi! Just a reply to go with the revision I just made to my own first post...
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hi! I found your NVIDIA topic on another forum: http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/optimized-...bit-t70968.html it seems more up to date... Can I extract the driver folders?, except for HDAudio, from Fernandos_XP_32bit_NF4-7_Performance_Pack_v5.8.zip and use that with nLite. Then, after install, run its own setup.exe... Thanks again!
  3. Revised: Help! How to install on W:

    Hi again! After five different experiments, I've made some progress, but not yet where I want to be... How do I force the assign partition/drive letters while using an nLite CD with winnt32.exe from BartPE?? So far I have learned how to make a BartPE with my slipstreamed Win XP Pro SP3 CD. With BartPE I can boot the system and use diskpart to partition the nVRAID stripe. I also figured out how to use add-on maker to build a dotnet35.cab file that includes a batch file to setup RunOnceEx execution of dotNet35SP1_1.03.exe from RyanVM forum. So I can make a WinLite iso using nLite, WMP11 Slipstreamer, several addons, and drivers for all my hardware. At present, here is my sequence: 1. I boot-up, on my second optical drive, with BartPE, and I use diskpart to create three (3) primary partitions, and assign them letters, so that: Volumes 0-2 are my three optical drives Volume 3 is my first primary partition, BOOT, 20GB, assigned W:, and made active Volume 4 is my second primary partition, CORE, 40GB, assigned C: Volume 5 is my third primary partition, DATA, ~410GB, assigned D: 2. I use FORMAT /FS:NTFS to format all primary partitions 3. I load my WinLite CD on the first optical drive, F: , and open a cmd console, and CD F:\I386 4. I execute WINNT32.EXE /TEMPDRIVE:W /SYSPART:W /UNATTEND:WINNT.SIF 5. The Windows GUImode comes up and goes through the copying phase 6. The the application ends, and I think because of BartPE, I do not get the desired reboot, so I manually restart 7. Upon restart, I use the bios boot menu to select the nVRAID stripe, but I only get a blinking cursor 8. If I reboot normal, I get the "Press any key to boot from CD", after that it tries to boot from the nVRAID, then it starts the textmode Win XP install from the nVRAID, and asks me which partition to install Windows. I can see the three partitions I created, but with letters C: D: and E:, instead of what I wanted, which is W: C: and D: I am thinking of using DetachedProgram to call diskpart.exe, with Arguments to feed a script text file, but not sure that will work... If anybody has any tips or better ideas, I would like to avoid too many more experiments...
  4. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hi! Upfront, my apologies if my concern has already being addressed. I tried several searches on the 59 pages of replies on this topic, but did not find enlightenment... I am building a new system with old components, ASUS A8N-E with Athlon64 3700+, which uses NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra AMD chipset, the audio is Realtek ALC850. For graphics, I am using an ATI AIW 2006 PCIe. After I updated the BIOS to 1013 (latest) and nRAID to 5.60 (latest that supports chipset). I connected two Seagate 7200.10 250GB disks as SATA 1 and 3. On the IDE side, I have three (3) optical drives. I setup RAID to make a striping (467 GB) of both SATA HDDs... I made a working BartPE while using only the: ...\Fernandos_XP_32bit_nForce_LEGACY_Remix_Pack_v5.8\IDE\WinXP\sataraid folder, because using sata_ide and/or legacy hung BartPE during bring-up. That got me thinking, and here I am with a question: If I am only going to use SATA drives to make my RAID volume, which is the best package to add to nLite to make my custom WinXP Pro SP3 install CD?? A. 32bit nForce IDE drivers v6.99 WHQL B. 32bit nForce IDE drivers v10.3.0.46 WHQL And do I need to use the LEGACY folder, or can I use the SATARAID folder? Of course, I always need to do the SATA_IDE as PnP driver. With regards to Audio, should I install the AudioDrv folder in your package as well as the latest Realtek ALC850 drivers? Thanks in advance!!