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  1. I got it to work after I change the sata mode in bios from AHCI to compatibility. Any idea why Honestly it puzzles me a lot. This error basically means, that your boot device is no longer accessible. Since during Text mode the boot device is your USB disk/stick, what drivers you have for your disk controller should NOT matter, it simply wouldn't find your hard disk.The modified ntdetect.com resolves problems with some buggy BIOSes, when USB bus is reset and USB peripherals re-enumerated. Many Dells have this problem. And it makes sense to get BSOD 7B in that case. But why your (missing?) disk controller driver causes same I can only guess- first would be driver conflicts. What is your disk controller/motherboard? Do you have any third-party mass storage drivers integrated in your source? Are you using original MS windows disk as source, even if you Nlited it? As Wimb mentioned, most of this problems are resolved by using BTS mass storage drivers pack, for me it's a must. I also got the BSOD 7B on my Acer Aspire One (D250-0Br) with a SATA disk. Changing NOTHING else but, in the BIOS, from AHCI to IDE did the trick (curently formatting the HDD but it looks promising so far). My problems started when using PQ magic to resize the C: ... got a question from PQM about correcting some errors.. after that I decided to skip the resizing part (got cold feets so to say) and instead go for a recovery of the disk (using eRecovery from Acer). It didn't work and it was impossible to close the program (it booted constantly directly to eRecovery). Fdisk (from DOS7.1 on USB) could remove the partition and re create it, but WinXPproSP2 installation never worked untill I changed the BIOS as described. So thanks for pointing that out. An easy solution to a problem I have bused my head against the whole weekend. Thanks [EDIT: formated: OK! .. restarted: got the "HAL.dll" error. Solved this problem by <F12> (Boot order menu) and sellecting the USB stick (now the HDD is detected and bootable so to avoid going that route I had to do this!). 1s restart booting from USB got me to the choice of sellecting "part 2 of the installation process (GUI)" but got the HAL.dll error again (I might have chosed wrong, so..) 2nd restart from USB, CAREFULLY selecting "part 2..." the installation continued fine.]
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