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  1. This is true, but the drive came from an Iomega enclosure. The model numbers matched, but because it was an LC firmware (not SD), it wouldn't flash. So, I had to force it. It's been a couple weeks and haven't bumped into any issues.
  2. Ahh.. Finally fixed the LC15 Firmware issue and successfully upgraded my drive to SD1B Firmware.. What you do is download the Firmware Upgrade ISO.. Then exit the tutorial and hit CTRL-C at the menu (yes, abort the .bat file). Enter this command: sf.exe -m BRINKS -f 6HBXR1B.LOD -s -x -b After that, it'll come back to you as FW SD1B instead of FW LC15.
  3. I just used a cheap CA-42 cable off of eBay.. Just make sure you only use the Black (GND), Orange (RS232 TX), and Brown (RS232 RX) wires. This worked without a hitch on my relatives' 1TB Seagate that was in an Iomega External Case. I was able to recover ALL of the data (which amazed him). Unfortunately, I need to figure out how to force-flash this drive (since it seems to have some different firmware code) so I can reuse it instead of trashing it. BTW: The cable I bought is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110507181865 . The drivers for it are the Prolific PL-2303 Drivers (I found this out using Linux). As for "franklink".. You need to *WAIT* until the command prompt reappears. I found that out the hard way. If Windows still wants to reformat it, do the following: 1. Fire up a System Rescue CD (sysresccd.org) on a separate box. 2. Mount the drive and configure Samba to share the drive (if you want to dump via network). 3. Copy everything off of it onto a network share or external drive. 4. Pull it out of the other box and place it back inside your workstation (or server). 5. Reformat and repartition the drive. 6. Copy all the files back onto it (if you want to).
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