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  1. I had a ST3750330AS that become BSY (not seen by BIOS) two weeks ago... I Came to this forum and found a lot of information about how to fix it... I Opted for the PCB swap (I Live in Brazil, it's not easy to find the cable and everything needed to do therminal stuff (i don't have anything agaist this method! and have to congratulation the guys who discover it! My experience: I swaped the PCB from the BSY disk (SD15 firmware) to into the good disk (SD1A - new one, never used it, just got it today), turn it on the SATA-Motherboard + power cord and let the BIOS initialize... after some seconds, the disk start to make some very low clicks, like trying to read something... I waited some seconds and it finaly boot... first the drive was not seen in the start screen of the BIOS, it was doing the clicks, i wait it finish the clicks ... than i restart - CTRL + ALT + DEL, and the bios read the drive (with the OLD firmware SD15 from the BSY PCB board...) Before the restarted (i inserted the CD BOOT Disk that updates the firmware the from SEAGATE - Direct Link to download it: http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/self...&NewLang=en - it's not easy to find it on the seagate web site...) . After the boot (from the CD), a DOS screen pop up, showing some useful information on how to update... than i choose "Scan for Hardware"... it found the Hard Drive... than i choose the specific firmware to my drive, and it updates... than comes the final step (press enter and the PC turn off...) I swaped the PCBs back to the original disks, and reconect first the original one with BSY... after some seconds: Drive detected! Windows BOOTs (let me choose from one of the OS on the 3 partitions that i have!) All data present! Connect the Good Drive (the original SD1A), and... Everthing working!!! The whole process took less than 5 mins! I can't express how gratful i'm! A Repair Data Specialized store wanted 3x the price of a new drive to recover all my data! i spent olny 1x! I suggest everyone that have BSY problem, try it (if it's not a problem(money!) get a new HD and finishes with 2 working disks! Thank you all!!!