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  1. [Solved] WinPE 3 Modify Boot Animations

    Nevermind, I figured it out... There was another winload.exe.mui that I didnt see. It was located in Windows\System32\Boot\en-US I just copied the modified winload.exe.mui that I had to that location.
  2. [Solved] WinPE 3 Modify Boot Animations

    I have been building a WinPE image to use at work for various tasks. I have pretty much all the tools set up the way I want it, but I wanted to change the boot animation so that me (or another user) could tell that it was booting PE and not Windows 7. I found a tool on the net called Win7BootUpdater.exe. With that tool I was able to change the Boot logo, the color of the text and the Copyright text at the bottom. But I cannot seem to change the "Starting Windows" string. According to the tool I changed it to "Loading Toolkit", then I used Resource Hacker and opened Windows\System32\winload.exe and saw that the last string was changed to "Loading Toolkit" but when it boots it still shows "Starting Windows". Does WinPE use a different file to control that text? If so, where might I look to find it? Thanks ~Mike
  3. WinPE 3.0 Clear Passwords

    WinOutreach4, thanks for the replies. I will have to check those out come Monday.
  4. WinPE 3.0 Clear Passwords

    I do have access to that, I will have to look into it. By any change do you know if it would be possible to add Ghost to DaRT? Thanks!
  5. WinPE 3.0 Clear Passwords

    Thats along my line of thinking, but I do not know what/how that tool modifies the registry to complete its task I have used something like this is the past, but want to avoid having to reboot to change tools. I was hoping to build it into WinPE
  6. WinPE 3.0 Clear Passwords

    I was not asking for support for Hirens, I was actually saying I was trying to NOT to use it by creating my own tool. Also I could completely omit Hirens from my post and would still be in the same place. I can create a Ghost boot disk from Ghost Boot Wizard which is a standard tool in the Ghost Solution Suite (which we own). The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is freeware and can be setup on a CD or USB drive. I was just hoping to put both together, and maybe other tools that could help us in our day to day. So I guess ultimately I was looking for a way to duplicate the functionality of Offline NT Password & Registry Editor but in WinPE 3.0.
  7. WinPE 3.0 Clear Passwords

    I am attempting to build a USB bootable toolkit to use at work. At this point we are using Hirens but really only use it for Ghost and the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. I already have Ghost working (that was a piece of cake), but now I am trying to find something similar to the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor that will work in a WinPE 3.0 environment. From my understanding that tool just edits the Windows registry to Clear passwords and Re-enable accounts. Would it be possible to do this from WinPE? We occasionally come across PC's where the user attempted to log in too many times with the wrong password and locks their local account. Usually we would just log in as Administrator but a new rule that came down from above disabled the Administrator account. So when we run into these PC's we boot Hirens and run the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, log in as Administrator, then reset the user's password. Some times we run into an older PC that used a different password for Administrator then our current standard so we would just use Offline NT Password & Registry Editor and clear (and enable) the Administrator account to do what we need to. Any know of a tool (or a manual way) to Clear passwords and Re-enable accounts from within WinPE 3.0? Most of the host machines are Windows 7 now, with just a few left on XP.
  8. Start Menu in WinPE 3.0?

    I have just starting getting into making a WinPE disk. Ive learned alot from reading guides, but there is one thing I would like to add, and I cant seem to find a guide for it. Is it possible to add a Start Menu to a WinPE 3.0 (based off windows 7) image? Also it doesnt have to be THE Start Menu, just a Start Menu. I dont care if its a 3rd part one, just something graphical. Thanks ~Fletch