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  1. Ls and BT folder on usb stick is deleted

    winsetupfromusb.log is complete i checked the orginal logfile, but yeah it seems cut off dunno why. reformat it is a no go currently since i have about 25 other tools on that stick. I know some iastor files is missing - i copied those manually to my sources- if not i get a bluescreen. Well its not a biggy - im greatfull for all your guys help in this issue. When i find the time to redo my whole usb stick i might format and give it another go but for now i put this on hold.
  2. Ls and BT folder on usb stick is deleted

    Sorry for long time away- real life kept me busy. But i have now done as u said but the LS file stil gets deleted and i have to use the stick to boot my new XP install. The BT folder is kept. in txt mode setup my internal HD is listed as C: and my usb stick as D: The usbstick is listed first. Here are the files for latest session: files.zip
  3. Ls and BT folder on usb stick is deleted

    Yes boot.ini, ntldr and ntdetect was in the root of the laptops harddisk after setup had completed. My winsetupfromUSB log: WinSetupFromUSB.zip My ~LS\I386 folders setup_ex file SETUP.ZIP Gonna do some more research from your help. If i choose fixed option i get an error message from the program: This is the log when i try to use the fixed option: Picture: Im so close to the perfect setup here If just the folder didn't get deleted and the boot ini file was corected i would be a very happy man
  4. Ls and BT folder on usb stick is deleted

    Okay results for my last run: Botted on the stick and started the install rutine. Internal disk was completely wiped trough txt setup i.e only one partition. The internal disk was detected as C: and my usb stick as D: Now i got a different result. The BT folder on my stick was not deleted but the LS folder got deleted. Progress ! If i just could figure out how to avoid the LS folder to be deleted. And also still the boot ini file was not fixed, ie i have to use the stick to boot XP. Any clues to have to maybe fix this would be great. PS! i can see that when i login to XP first time my usb stick has drive letter D: Content of boot.ini on internal hd: Content of $winnt$.inf on internal hd content of boot.ini on usb stick:
  5. Ls and BT folder on usb stick is deleted

    First off all, when you say harddisk i guess you mean my usb device wich is not a harddisk but a usb memory stick. Second a correction my stick is seen as removable in windows. 1. On my stick i have boot.ini, ntldr and ntdetect (without these i could not boot at all to setup XP ? 2. On my laptop here at work the internal laptop hd is listed in txt mode setup as C: second - My usb device is seen as D listed first. I select the internal hd and completely delete the partitions. leaving me with one disk unpartioned space. then i select that disk and quick format it as NTFS. 3. There is no more partitions left after my procedure. so XP gets installed to a clean single partition. 4-5 i will get back to you with this info. Oh and i suddenly got to think of that i have DPdriverpacks added, the dp driver gets unpacked at first stage of xp GUI setup - unpacking drivers. This is before the actual GUI XP setup screen is visible. Can these cause the prestup.cmd not to run ? Many thanks for the help. Im doing a new install right now to recheck.
  6. Ls and BT folder on usb stick is deleted

    If i select the FIXED option i get an error when writing the bootsector. I have tried on three different XP computers, running the winsetupfromUSB as administrator but no matter what it just trows an error and the application exits. But if i choose the REMOVABLE option everything goes along fine. But surely this can maybe be a source of problem, when it's seen as fixed and prepared trough the setup as REMOVABLE thank you for the help and the link. gonna do some more research !
  7. Ls and BT folder on usb stick is deleted

    Thanks for the input ! 1. I bellive it's seens as FIXED 2. Yes it's a laptop with an internal cardreader. Is it someway to check that prestup.cmd is correctly installed ? i.e what loacation on usb drive. My details are as follows 16GB NTFS formatted stick. Prepared as "removable" by winsetupfromUSB Destination install is a HP laptop with internal cardreader. During txt setup the HP internal hardrive is listed first and my usb second. Is prestup.cmd to be runned after txtsetup or as the first step during guimode setup ? Manythanks !
  8. First of all i want to thank those persons who made this wonderful app, nvie work and greatly apriciated ! Okay this is my problem: When i have finished install ox XP Pro OEM sp2 the LS and BT folders on my stick is deleted and the boot.ini is not fixed. I have read the sticky FAQ wich states that this happens if you have editet the winnt.sif file in the BT folder after the winsetupfromUSB 0.2.3 has been run. As i understand the program removes the [unattended] section completely from the file. And i have checked my winnt.sif and it has no unattended section. Further i understand that the binifix5.cmd and undoren.cmd must be run to fix the boot.ini and to rename the BT an LS folders. (if they are not renamed windows will delete them) However i cannot find any section in my winnt.sif wich would cause this two to run. So my question is: 1. What exactly should the program add to the winnt.sif file exept remove the unnatended section ? If somebody could post a clean winnt.sif file wich is correct it would be very helpful. 2. Is the binifix5.cmd and undoren.cmd run through anotehr mecanism than winnt.sif ? 3. Exactly where should the undoren.cmd and binifix5.cmd reside on the usb stick ? And yes i leave the usbstick in until the first windowslogin is finished after install. Except these failures my stick works perfectly to install winXP on my test computer, i have used alotta time trying to figure this out but i havent managed to do so. sorry if my question has been asked before.