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  1. Sorry for another post, but I had an idea: Is it possible for me to backup my current MBR (that allows for pressing F11 to initiate system restore on startup), do a clean install of Vista on the C:\ partition (and thus overwriting HP's MBR with Microsoft's), and then restoring the HP MBR following the clean install, in essence making the notebook think that all is the same as previous? Or would Softthink put the nix on this?
  2. Also, jaclaz, since you have followed this post the whole way through and I am just now finding it, will the MBRINST method of restoring the F11 functionality work if I do a clean install of Vista on C:\ and don't delete the original Recovery partition (D:)? Or is it a crapshoot because of Softthinks protection measures?
  3. Is this the error/problem? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947595/en-us http://www.winvistatips.com/cbs-file-acces...ow-t335892.html jaclaz The log is quite similar (but not identical). There are some mentions in mine to 'cannot reproject' also, but the core problem is the same: settings.ini is corrupted and I am unable to repair with SFC /scannow. Again, I am fairly certain that the problem is that HP's factory restore image was poorly created in regards to sidebar gadgets: the fact that SFC can't complete drives me a bit crazy. I've tried pretty much everything, I think even deleting the aforementioned registry keys (but can try again) I had thought the only way to fix it is a clean install using Vista media that I already have, but before I pulled the trigger I found out about this MBR nightmare. Obviously /sfc scannow should be able to run through smoothly, but I do not want to cripple my ability to use F11 on POST to restore the system. I think a clean install of Vista would be better anyway, since it would get rid of all the HP bloatware and let me start from scratch. Do you know a way to easily fix the settings.ini corruption? Even Microsoft's site only offers the wonderful advice of it can be 'safely ignored.' Or can I do a clean install while retaining the F11 restore functionality? Please advise!
  4. My dilemma: I own an HP dv41220us laptop. I was setting it up and realized that sfc /scannow was reporting unrepairable errors in regards to settings.ini of Windows Sidebar. I assumed it was because I used a sidebar theming utility, so I did a factory fresh restore using HP's Recovery Manager. Upon restart, and running sfc /scannow, the problem persisted: could not repair settings.ini. Apparently this is because of the way HP setup their Vista install with autounattend.xml -- it seems like thanks to their auto-add of such wonderful sidebar gadgets like WildTangent Reversi and Weatherbug through the autoattend.xml, sfc /scannow seems like it will report false errors indefinitely. (see here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947595) I cannot seem to repair it and have tried everything, even taking ownership of these protected folders. I thought that I would do a CLEAN INSTALL on partition C: without even TOUCHING my recovery partition using an OEM Vista disc I have laying around, but am glad I did my research because it would apparently screw up the MBR and bork my F11 restore functionality. In short, I'd rather live with the SFC errors than have no F11 restore ability on system boot. I don't want to download 3rd-party MBR hacks, so I suppose I'm stuck, yes? 1-This seems like it might be my only hope -- can you provide a link? 2-Do you think this would even work to restore the functionality if I do a clean install of Vista, thus wiping the MBR tables? 3-It seems like 'system repair' of Vista also mess up the MBR, even if it could possibly fix the settings.ini issue: to quote Snack a few pages back: "Warning: For lucky owners of HP PC's If you are not in face with booting problem - use F11 or F8 option to repair your instalation. Not even try to use above mentioned disc "Startup Repair" in that 100% legal utility from Microsoft to make some repair on HP computers because of those "advanced" HP software developers that don't take into account existence of any other soft (MS !!?) exept of theirs. You will lose the recovery F11 & F8 ability!!! wacko.gif " Let me know... This frustrates me to the point of looking at Macs ;( Thanks!!!

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