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  1. I believe that the files on my support DVD correspond to the Catalyst version 9.8, since both refernce the same miniport number: Microsoft Windows miniport driver 3.1.1540.127
  2. Hi! I'm brand new to this forum, but sure glad I found it. I have a new ASUS M4A77TD-PRO motherboard with AMD 770/SB710 chipset. I was surprised to find no floppy drive capability on the mobo, and went looking for a way to install XP on a RAID set. All roads seemed to point to nLite slipstreaming, so that's what I have tried, but with no success until I read this forum. I think the problem stems from the version of RAID "F6" software provided on the mobo support DVD. When I read about Fernando 1's package he provided (see his post above), I downloaded it and tried it, and it worked! I presume the 9-4 and 9-6 he refers to are the Catalyst version numbers, and I don't know which Catalyst version would have the files on my support DVD. I do note that the latest Catalyst version is 9-8, and at the risk of burning another coaster, I may try that one. But the 9-4 version provided by Fernando works, and I just wanted to pass that info on for anyone else out there who may be struggling with this mobo. Incidentally, the RAID drivers that didn't work came from this folder on the DVD: Drivers\RAID\Driver\WinXP\x86 I also ran the "makedisk" utility and wrote the results to a local hard drive and used that folder for the slipstreaming, but that didn't work either.