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  1. Your onboard graphics chipset most likely has no RAM of its own, so robs a region of the system RAM for itself - in your case 64MB.Sometimes this amount can be changed in the BIOS, e.g. from 16MB-256MB. Thanks for the input, yes it is the graphics chipset, and i did change it gaining more ram... Only advice I can suggest is to check for device & chipset drivers before installation so you're ready to roll, or at least are aware of which things don't have Vista-specific drivers for. And i checked, and all my hardware is supported just more ram... True on that point, but i have a modified v
  2. ok here's a question for ya... I have a laptop that i bought with xp... it has 256 DDR ram chip, but for some reason the bios and windows only recognizes 191mb of it. it's got a pentium 4 @ 2.80 ghz... Now ive been reading and i saw 1 post that said he blue screened on 128mb and i wanted to get some advice before i even tried installing. Any advice is thanked and pls don't tell me it's useless because of ram... ive seen it and know it....
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