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  1. I have been cruising the forums for the Media 11 installation and can't seem to pinpoint the exact instructions for doing a silent install of Media11. I know there are automated tools that work wonderfully but the environment I am in requires no outside 3rd party tools. The install runs fine (apparently) but when the Media 11 is invoked it is the 'old' msgs: "...application has failed to start because WMDRMSDK.DLL was not found." AND "... wmplayer has version number of 11.0.5721.5145 where was expected." I understand this has to do with the WGA etc.... If someone could be so kind as to jot down a quick overview of what is required that might give me a hand into the right direction... Thanks in advance - there certainly is lots of great information on this site...
  2. Your reply is much appreciate... It is all making soooo much more sense now... lol - does MS ever really make sense?
  3. Thanks, Strel for the reply... Our mis-information was that MS ISO (XP with SP3) did contain it... Unfortunately THE project constraints are that we have to configure the updates/integrations by hand... I have been cruising through the link and have gleaned some important points but it is hard with 17 pages to skim...
  4. Baobab31, Thanks for the update... I haven't got around to doing any of the media updates so it isn't in my list (so far) but if/when it does I'll keep your experience in mind....
  5. I have been perusing many pages on the dotnet unattended installations and feel so confused... Most of the posts I have read have been for XP-SP2 distributions that slip streams SP3 - our MS ISO already has SP3 on it (no slipstream of SP3). My understanding is that SP3 already contains .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.0. When I run a base install, run all the updates I find that WU wants to install KB951847 - but which exe is being installed? If I manually install the 'family update' - it works and all the SP's for 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 show up in the Add/Remove Programs but if I try to run during the unattended via svcpack.inf then there is an error regarding .Net 2.0 not existing so therefore can't continue.... and no .net SP's are installed. Exec criteria is that we have to do things the manual way - ie no nlite, no hf installer magic. I might be able to get away with using something for speed but need to be able to document how to setup the .net manually. I hope someone is able to shed some light into my oh-so-dark unattended installation...
  6. I think it was a combination of a bad update download (I may have inadvertently selected an incorrect one from the MS Catalog) and 2 IE7 updates. We have since found a really bad apple in the IE7 updates that refuses to be installed - KB938127. Numerous admins have found this update to be an issue though we have yet to find anyone that is trying to apply to a fresh install based on XP with SP3, not slipstreaming SP3 into the install.
  7. I think I have narrowed it down to a different version of the same update (not sure which one yet) as I did one run that only applied the KB's that were the same between the working and bad version but used the exe's of the bad version - didn't work. But I was able to successfully run the working versions ones again with no problem. I will try to narrow it down to a specific KB and will post if I nail it down.... g-force: I used the MS Update Catalog to download all the updates again, figuring if they did need to make a change to one of them and re-issue I should get the latest version... hahaha - maybe they 'broke' one that was already working but it only shows up if applied at install time... Thanks for the replies...
  8. I am banging my head against the wall trying to get past this issue. started with base install - MS XP with SP3 added drivers and changes to run without using F6 on VM ware added drivers for AHCI mode everything was working on VM as well as physical HW completed an installation to get the updates needed for integration updates were applied using the /integrate switch began building application installations via runonce unattended installs were working with application installs and company customizations went back to a base install to get newest updates retraced steps to apply updates via /integrate now the GUI portion of the install crashes after splash screen and before "39 minutes" Message (I think) "Insufficient resources" is all I can catch before system reboots there is nothing in the setup logs tries to restart but keeps crashing with the same message that flashes by if I copy in the I386 folder from the slipstreamed updates that worked then the install works but we can't seem to find what the difference is have closely examined the files needed to go in with our changes for driver (VM Ware and AHCI) and they seem to be the same took the I386 folder from a base that works and apply the integrate over top - crashes but the only file showing modification is DOSNET.INF tried to run /integrate then copy over our driver files - still no good. So we are at a loss about what could possibly be causing this as well as how to get a process going that works without 'magic'... We know it is a driver issue (am I overstating the obvious? ) but don't understand how it got broken...
  9. I use a bunch of changes to the default user profile via reg add by running a cmd from cmdlines.txt but they don't take affect until after a 2nd reboot. They are applied against the Administrator account but if I only logout then log back in immediately they don't show up for new users. Reboot computer and log in with a new user and the changes are there... I am using the HKCU settings - apparently if the reg settings are added at the T-13 time they are applied to the default user ntuser.dat settings but only appear for regular users after the 2nd reboot after installation... Hope this helps.
  10. I am working on an unattended install that pops an error message: "Error loading Pelutil.dll. Module not found" The file is located in the same OEM driver folder that contains the rest of the mouse driver files - previous messages regarding can't find mousexxx file were solved by including all mouse files into the folder. Except this error still shows up around the 33 minute mark and the installation will continue onto the computer name screen. I can't find any reference to this file/module in any of the unattended log files or for that matter in any text files that were created with the installation. Hoping someone might have a clue for me...... Thanks....
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