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  1. I actually need to change some registry values for my usb audio(USBAudio.AddReg section in wdma_usb.inf) and keep them for all the rest usb audio devices. It's can easly done manually when device is installed - i can reinstall my driver or go to the registry and change the keys. What i need is make windows install my driver by default... probably the only option to do this is to sign the .inf file. iamtheky Anyway, if you'll find something, please let me know.
  2. Yes i saw this thread before, it helped me to build my .inf file. My problem now is different. I want windows to use my .inf as default driver for my usb audio device instead of wdma_usb.inf. I can't change wdma_usb.inf it self because it's signed file and it won't work if changed...
  3. Hi. I hope there is somebody here on this forum and reading this topic. I trying to overread the default windows driver for usb audio device. I created the the .inf file and i trying to install it using rundll32 advpack.dll ... I do it successfully and i see that OEM inf file added to windows inf directory, but when i plug in the device it still uses default driver. If i manually install my .inf from the device manager it works fine. I know that this happend because my file is without certificate, but maybe there is still a way to make my driver to become default driver for my device? If not, how can i SIGN my inf file? Thanks in advance.