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  1. I got that too when I plugged in my razr with Hyperterminal open. I have a program called Motorola Phone Tools opened and just shut it down and reconnected with HT. Perhaps that port is being used by a another program in which case you should kill any running processes that are using the COM port you are trying to connect to. If you are using the correct COM port that is used by your CA-42 cable, the area code will not matter and will be unable to be changed anyway when you do use the right one. Hope that helps you a bit.
  2. Great job, nino! Nice to hear success stories Wish we could have a tally of how many drivers were recovered a la Mcdonalds "Billions saved" lol
  3. Thank you KlingKlang, xD There's really no other way to tell people that. I like helping people, I really do, but when the answer is practically given on a platter at their disposal, I am not going to spoon feed. If you really want to to fix a problem and save a couple of $$ it doesn't hurt that much to read. I apologize as well to anyone who takes offense, but there's a 100 pages on this forum actually covering several methods not just the one on pg1 in case materials are not accessible in certain countries. Your answer is likely to be in here somewhere. Good luck to all
  4. Like Hazor stated, it is possible to do a fix on multiple partitions
  5. When I first had the busy error my hard drive turned on but wasn't recognized in BIOS so in my case, it did spin but no activity afterwards. I pm'd u as well. I assume you've tried reversing the rx/tx plugs to get a connection on the hard drive? If not, perhaps you may need to try and replace your PCB with another somehow to test it. But that's only like a last resort. Just make sure it's the EXACT same board model, firmware, etc. or it will do a lot more damage. That's going to be a pain cuz I have another HD (a SEAGATE, no surprise there) that doesn't power on so I have to replace the PCB.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29FztWJVxbM Here's a video I uploaded to show the instructions and an alternate (cheaper!) way to set up the cables using crimp pins so it's straight from the CA-42 to the hard drive pins.