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  1. Yes the HDD needs power in addition to the USB. I didn't see any response either to the control z, the terminal did not display it, but then hit enter and see if you get the right response.
  2. After reading through this board many times, taking notes, and assembling wires and parts, I was successful! Thank you all very much! I wanted to post some of the problems I had to maybe help someone else. First I had a 500G HD from a new desktop PC HP computer; it has their HP24 firmware and failed in 1 month with both the busy and not recognized by BIOS errors. I used a laptop, a cheap CA-42 cable, the desktops power supply (for the failed hard drive), and some wires. Problems I had were: 1. Hyperterminal on laptop, running XP, would not work--downloaded tera terminal on to the laptop and it worked. See message #1464 page 74. 2. Powering off the hard drive after the "spin up complete" prevented further repairs. I believe the terminal disconnects so I could not do the M0,2,2,,,,,22 command. This is noted by others in post #442 on pg 23. 3. The initial part of the fix did allow the PC's bios to recognized the drive, but it showed 0 bytes. 4. Connecting up cables again I did just the control z to get F 3 T> prompt and entered the m0,2,2,,,,,22 command; and it was completely fixed. Other comments which may be helpful to someone: Used just 3 wires from CA-42, took a while to find correct driver (used version, grounding properly will prevent odd characters in the terminal mode, did not use any batteries for 3 volts, hyperterminal could not open COM port-hence used tera terminal, wires from CA-42 worked with TX to TX and RX to RX--at least the way I understood their configuration