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  1. I finally did get my usb adapter to work. I did require 5v of power instead of the 3v button battery. I ran into another set back. I followed the instructions for the power on/off. I never got the message at the end after of a minute waiting. Is my drive fubar now? Seagate drive detector detects it. I also updated the firmware, but I cant read from it. If it is dead than I am RMA'ing to seagate. Any responses would be great. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I've been reading the forum for a month now, I got all my tools assembled. I am having a problem though. I went ahead and purchased the - 1 (one) FT232BM/BL adapter. I was hopeing that it would be easier because of the already USB port. Well the connection goes pc=>USB=>ft232bm/bl adapter=> cr2032 3v button battery (via jumpers). Also I did connect the harddrive tx and rx pins to the adapter the first few times. My problem is when I connected the adapter to my pc, NOTHING. Would happen. Usually windows prompts u that a device had been connected and drivers needed to be installed. I did install the drivers that fdti recommended which is version 2.04 I believe. I opened up control panel to see what happens when I connected the USB adapter nothing would happen to USB section or com port section. Usually when u plug it in something would pop up, especially in the USB section. This is my first time doing this, so when I connectd the jumper cables slid snuggly into place. Do they need to be crimped? I don't think so. So I don't know if I have a dead adapter or if that adapter requires more power( my current button battery is fully charged) because it's USB. I've tested this adapter on three pcs with three different operating systems. Tested on: pc with both windows xp sp2 pc with xp sp 3 laptop with vista home premium. I tried the last two to see if I would get any response from the adapter when plugging it in, I did not. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks