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  1. I have found the solution to recreate the HP recovery partition only if u have the recovery disc with u. For me, the HP recovery partition can be created if i choose the restore factory image in the HP recovery manager (which they use softhink). so back up your entire hard disk as it will reformat the hard drive and make it just like the first time u purchase the Laptop. After the recovery done, the HP recovery sector should be there! Just a small reminder although i think everyone almost know this, once u have fresh install the window ( in my case which i fresh install the window 7 RC) will make ur HP recovery no longer work and DO NOT install the recovery manager that does not identical with ur laptop since the installation will be abort at the half way and ur recovery sector will be deleted together with the non identical HP recovery Manager. If i have make any wrong statement here, please feel free to correct me as i only write out my personal experience on my HP Pavilion dv6508tx.
  2. So there is clearly no way for me to create the recovery partition from the recovery disc by any means? I can't say for certain. My company makes our own recovery discs and not from the SoftThinks software. Hmmmm but thanks for making me think of that! Alas, as I have never used their software to create a recovery disc (we only use it for HDD based recovery) I do not know what abilities it has. However, I am going to wager a guess that the CD may actually have the ability to rebuild the partition, but it won't help you at all. See, when the partition (or the CD) boots, it checks for a USB key. If that USB key is present, it unlocks different options. This USB key is encrypted and contains the licenses to create, recreate, or activate the recovery partition. Without that, even if the CD you have could recreate the partition, you wouldn't ever see that option. Thanks for the info! but anyway if later u mange to find out a trick to create the partition form the recovery disc please post it over here! Thanks!
  3. So there is clearly no way for me to create the recovery partition from the recovery disc by any means?
  4. Won't swear to this, but I think the answer is yes. Check for any options when booting from the CD or running from Windows. Cancel it if it looks like no options for Complete HDD Restore (?).Try at you own risk as I am not totally positive... Inside the recovery when finish loaded the recovery disc, there are no advance option to only install the specific program especially HP recovery manger to recreate or enable the recovery partition. Any other suggestion?
  5. Hi, I'm using the HP Pavilion dv6508tx. Last two days i have do a clean install of window 7 in my laptop. After the installation i have found that my f11 recovery not function anymore. However, i have make the recovery disc before doing the clean install of window 7. My question is am i possible to recreate the HP recovery partition using the HP recovery disc that i have created. Advanced thanks to every help!
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