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  1. woooooow i find the solution.... after many try i find problem. i compart my hotfix in several groups. and i undrestand that "when add hotfix [ IE8-WindowsXP-KB974455-x86-ENU ] into bootable cd , error lsass.exe occur."
  2. hi how to integrate windows search 4 (WindowsSearch-KB940157-XP-x86-enu) into windows xp sp3 bootable cd with nlite? (i find an addon in wincert but download link not work )
  3. thanks for your help but i yet have problem. any other solution?
  4. hi I used windows xp sp3 retail disc (XP SP3 original MSDN) , added IE8, Media player 11 and hotfixes ,when reboot it error : "lsass.exe: Not Enough Quota" please help me// excuse me for my bad english
  5. nuhi Last Seen: 1st September 2009 - 04:03 PM "4 days before" nuhi is alive.
  6. i have same problem with IE8 + Nlite

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