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  1. I also think people will upgrade, no one wants to use the previous version. People always have to stay in front and keep up with the Jone's. You don't want to be the odd one out not using the newest whiz bang OS! I myself personally skipped vista, and went from XP to Win 7. Haven't had any issues with 7 and I'm quite impressed by it. My 2 cents Cheers, W
  2. Can someone please upload to the forum or host the file. Can't find the new version anywhere anymore. TIA Cheers, W
  3. Hi All, Not sure if this in the right section, mods please move if need be. Is there a 32bit version of the install wim tweak? I want to remove some bits from the enterprise 7 32 bit thats all, but can't find anything for this version. Or should I use unlocker? TIA Cheers, Wes
  4. Maybe this info will help: http://www.sevenforums.com/news/23092-wind...imitations.html
  5. Raoul90: No in the end didn't use that. Short answer is: If you're using 64bit source and trying to make an x86 only UA, its better to use the 32bit version RTM rather thasn 64bit. I tried using the packages from 64bit and making x86 only, but it doesn't like it when you use 64bit for x86. So in the end I changed my source to 32bit and problem went away. I tried all sorts of combinations initially, index, name, description, and tried renaming the wims because I thought it didn't like spaces. It ended up being the source which caused the issue. Cheers, Wes.
  6. Hi All, Thanks everyone for your input, most appreciated. I did manage to get it working in the end but the problem was with my source! I had a 64bit version of win 7 RTM, and I was trying to create an x86 unattend. Even though I'd only selected x86 architecture, it didnt like the image/name , image/description/ image/index when I set in UA.xml All good now, changed source to 32bit version and all works correctly, I was racking my brain for a few days and went over firegeirs guide numerous times from scratch! Thanks again. Cheers, Wezzy
  7. Hi All, I'm using Win 7 Pro RTM for dev, and the /image/name part doesn't seem to be working. I've tried the following: /IMAGE/INDEX Value 1 IMAGE/DESCRIPTION Value Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL IMAGE/NAME - Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL I've used imagex /info and under name, description it shows "Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL " But when set in answer file, it stops and asks you to select OS to install. I've read on the vista unattended section, that someone had to change their ultimated index number to 5. Is there anything special I need to do, because its doing my head in. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Wes.

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