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  1. well i tried to mod the style to use the blue progress bars taken from royale remixed, yet it didnt change. this is the problem i am having, i am wondering if after changing it, am i supposed to do something else?
  2. Well i am looking to change all the orange bars to blue, such as loading bars, transfer bars. right now they are orange. also i have used royale remix, infact i used it for many years before this, i just like the darkside mod alot i would like to lose the orange colour in favour of a blue colour from royale remixed. i havent really used xpize that much and am not familiar on how to change little bits here and there. any help is much appreciated. apologies on the late response
  3. Hi, i love this customization utility and love the Darkside one in particular. the only problem i am having is the colours, i would much rather have the Orange replaced with a far easier on the eyes blue. can anyone help me with this? i've tried googling around but when i make any changes through Reshacker i see no difference. thanks alot! Mo

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