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  1. Fixing BSY or CC errors aka BUSY (I recommend some practice before trying this): Note: All commands are case sensitive ! First, make sure you have your hard drive accessible; on a table with open access to the drive is best. Second, you need to remove the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) from HDA case using a Mini Torx 6 screw driver. Third, connect RX & TX cables from your RS-232 adapter, verify that all is correct, and then connect the power supply to Hard drive circuit board. Explanation: The problem with the drive is that the drive is stuck/halt in a BUSY state. This basically locks up the SATA port, causing the BIOS problem (cannot detect the drive at POST). In the terminal, you will see this sort of error (LED: 000000CC FAddr: 0024A051). Once you see this in the terminal, the terminal session to the drive is completely blocked and will not accept any more commands. In order to circumvent this, we'll need to disconnect the PCB (circuit board) from the hard drive case so that the LED: 000000CC FAddr: 0024A051 command cannot be sent from the firmware of the terminal session. After you have connected the power to the circuit board, press CTRL+Z in your HyperTerminal session. You should now see a prompt like this: F3 T> If you do not see this prompt, check your RS-232 connections to the drive. (you may have the TX and RX flipped). Now we'll need to access the Level 2, type: F3 T>/2 (enter) F3 2> And type (to spind down the motor): F3 2>Z (enter) Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.147 msecs (the time will vary here) F3 2> Thank you a lot Gradius! I just fixed my drive with the BSY error. I do want to note that I skipped the first stage of the command send (quoted above) since when I send it with the board detached I received back a CE error. So what I did was to detach the board, type /2 to go to level 2, then with the power on, place it back to the hdd and type the U command to spin the drive back up and follow the steps as described. I also used this MAX232 adapter to get this all working (using Windows XP and Hyper terminal) http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/MAX232-RS232-Serial...=item3a513c5336 I live in Singapore and it was hell trying to find an RS232 converter. I went to simlim tower to buy a USB to Serial converter and a VERY Expensive RS232 to TTL coverter. This rig ended up not workign at all so I wasted $70. The link above cost around $15 including shipping and it works great. Need to attach a 3V battery to the rig. I bought a 2xAA holder and soldered it on. I hope this helps someone else. Regards,