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  1. I just bought a genuine Nokia cable with the chip inside and got nothing. Would someone out there be willing to sell the cable that worked for you? It seems like the cables are pretty flaky and I don't really want to keep buyin cables that don't work. PM me if you are interested in selling yours.
  2. v0yAgEr, Thanks for the reply, I think I will risk it. I don't have a real high level of trust in those services and I am more fearful of shipping my drive somewhere else and then finding out that they don't know what they're doing. I completely understand that this is on me, but I do appreciate all of the experience from the group here. I guess my only question is, should I use the process from the first post or are there a set of steps that work better (ie. better hardware setup, commands etc.)? 03Vette
  3. Still not sure what is wrong with mine. Can anyone tell me how to identify the specific error?
  4. Thanks for the reply, I was seeing it in the BIOS intermittently for a while. It seemed that I could look in the windows system tool and see the drive there but just couldn't access it. Could it be a controller card issue? I was considering just buying an ebay'd drive to cannabalize the card. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. Wow, I'm stunned that this has gone on so long and they are still selling these drives. Mine is dead too, not sure which prolem I'm am having, hopefully someone can help me out. ST31000340AS P/N 9BX158-568 Firmware: SD81 Date Code:09082 (This should translate to 3 Sep 08 production date) Barracuda 7200.11 1 TB My drive came out of a MAXTOR Cetral Axis NAS that died a while ago. I called Seagate and they authorized me to disassemble the device in order to recover my data. I put the drive in my XP machine hoping to recover the data using a LINUX tool (these Central Axis are all LINUX formatted) but it would not always see the drive in the BIOS. If it did see the drive I would get varing results in seeing the partitions and data using the EXT2 format viewers that I tried. How can I tell which error I am having? 0LBA, BSY or other? I am sure that I can do the recovery as described in this post, just need a good start.