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  1. You are correct and thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. It seems that with all the driver installs I completely forgot to try installing the Radeon HD 4650 driver through device manager. When using the exe, it will not install, saying there is no compatible device. It worked I thought I needed a complete reinstall after installing it, because on first restart nothing worked, 100% CPU, to the point where I in the end just had to hold down the power button to turn off the laptop. But second time it started great and so far everything works. In case someone googles their
  2. That first link is the one I have tried several times to install in every way possible. I even tried slipstreaming in into the OS install disk using nLite, with no luck. I also tried taking the component search from the .inf for the VISTA driver for this laptop. No luck either. It's a HP Pavilion DV7-2135eo btw Yes, you are correct in there being an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (M96) Graphics card in the laptop, but the two are somehow connected... or at least I thought they were. When I try to install the ATI Catalyst control it says no driver for device. One thing I noticed is that my XP x
  3. This is the only important driver I'm stuck on for my XP x64 installation. Normally a driver like that would be installed post install, but my problem is that the VGA Device will not run properly post install, thus the driver install says there is no device for the driver. Reason being, I'm guessing, that the device isn't even running post install. How would I go about slipstreaming the graphics driver and force installing it before first Windows startup? BTW I only have a little experience with nLite, but I'm a quick learner usually. If some other program or guides will be better, then I'm al
  4. Just joined and thought I would introduce myself I don't work in IT sector, but I guess you can call me the go to guy, whenever friends have computer issues. Although the reason for me ending up here are my own problems. I found this forum by accident gathering info on how to get the drivers for for my new laptop for dual booting XP x64 with my preinstalled Vista 64, which don't particularly like very much. Had to register to post something. I'll probably need some help, but right now I'm just looking/searching the forums. Anyway, glad to be here. NightOwl
  5. I ended up here through Google extracting .exe intel storage driver. Just thought I would post in case others end up here the same way. WinRAR didn't work at all and 7-zip extracted, but the files were unrecognizable. By playing with the command line below it did work. for mine it was IATA89ENU.exe -A -P C:\IATA which extracted perfectly and I tested by slipstreaming the drivers into install. My TOSHIBA MK5055GSX ATA Device Drive was recognized. These are the newest released XP x64 Intel® Matrix Storage Manager ver. released 7/17/2009 in below case the command line would be iata621
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